Dashura Set up a giveaway. Learn more about Amazon Prime. I also wished she had owned up to her actions more, she destroyed her brothers relationship with his best friend, lewi to derail the H life plans by seducing him and then deprived her daughter of her father. Rejected, hurt and humiliated, she fights hard to bohd Tristan Hemsley-Ford out of her mind and heart. Nhi rated it really liked it Mar 27, Rejected, hurt and humiliated, she fought hard to put Tristan Hemsley-Ford out of her mind and heart.

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May 02, Jamie rated it it was amazing An Unbreakable Bond was a very intense, heartbreaking, but beautiful love story. It really gave us a glimpse into the impressionable teenage years, and the journey to find oneself in a world filled with money, power, and greed. Summary: At nineteen, Annabelle Summers has found the love of her life.

Since the moment her eyes met his, there has been a connection, and she is determined to make her happy ending happen even if she has to seduce the object of her deepest desires. Tristan Hemsley-Ford is An Unbreakable Bond was a very intense, heartbreaking, but beautiful love story. Tristan has felt the connection with Annabelle for six long years, but his future has been planned.

It may not be what he wants, but he will do what his father tells him. He wont lead Annabelle on when he knows his life is going on a different path. Little did she know that she was left with a very special gift from their night together.

Her world is about to come crashing down, though, because it just so happens that the lucky groom is Tristan himself. Tristan is marrying to expand his company. Seeing Annabelle again lights a fire in his gut that he cant seem to put out. He wants her badly. Annabelle wants him, too, but she cant run the risk of him finding out about their secret child and taking her away. But Tristan does find out. How can two people find their way back to each other after a life altering ten year secret is kept, and a family betrayal is revealed?

This romance has been done before. Same story, different characters. So not true. For me, this particular romance was unique. It added other elements and a bit more depth to the background. It can also destroy happiness. Annabelle was a feisty mess. Her passion was undeniable and her strength was unwavering, but her love for Tristan tripped her up.

Probably the depth of feelings is what hooked me and reeled me in. Seriously, reading through this thank god it was short , which I had to force myself in the hopes that this book could be redeemed, I kept asking myself how old this author is.

It would be more appropriate to have made Annabelle 13 when she lost her virginity to Tristan, instead of 16, 19 or however old she was. Only that would be illegal.

Tristan was young so you can almost forgive him for his stupid behavior. The continued blaming on Annabelle for his fractured relationship with Wade and his grandfather is just too stupid.

His inability to recognize what Annabelle means to him throughout 10 long years is ridiculous. Acceptable for an year old or even someone in his early 20s. His behavior towards his fiancee is also really juvenile. And I thought I was back in middle school when he met Annabelle again and started picking on her and stalking her because he was too stupid to use his words and tell her he liked her.

As well as everyone else in her village, apparently. The stupid lies she tells about her gay friend, running away, the choices she makes. Social services should have stepped in rather than to let two such stupid people raise a child.


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