Nov 02, Chris Horsefield rated it really liked it This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. He also finds the Nexus, which is an organisation paranoid with keeping him safe. Along with Richard, a journalist who helps him remain alive. They are almost immediately attacked and separated, and Scott is captured. It took me longer to get into this book then with the others as it seemed to be constantly action, with no source of explanation.

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Background and personal life[ edit ] Rugby School Horowitz was born in Stanmore , Middlesex , into a Jewish family, and in his early years lived an upper middle class lifestyle.

At the age of 8, Horowitz was sent to Orley Farm , a boarding preparatory school in Harrow , Middlesex. There, he entertained his peers by telling them the stories he had read. She also gave him a human skull for his 13th birthday. Horowitz said in an interview that it reminds him to get to the end of each story since he will soon look like the skull.

Lovecraft based his fictional Necronomicon on a real text, and to have read some of that text. He died from cancer when his son Anthony was 22, and the family was never able to track down the missing money despite years of trying. They have two sons. He credits his family with much of his success in writing, as he says they help him with ideas and research. He is a patron of child protection charity Kidscape. In his second novel, Misha, the Magician and the Mysterious Amulet was published and he moved to Paris to write his third book.

This story saw Martin Hopkins battling an ancient evil that threatened the whole world. Only three of four remaining stories in the series were ever written: The Night of the Scorpion , The Silver Citadel and Day of the Dragon In , he released Myths and Legends, a collection of retold tales from around the world.

In between writing these novels, Horowitz turned his attention to legendary characters, working with Richard Carpenter on the Robin of Sherwood television series, writing five episodes of the third season. In addition, he created Crossbow , a half-hour action adventure series loosely based on William Tell.

In , Groosham Grange was published. Its central character is a thirteen-year-old "witch", David Eliot, gifted as the seventh son of a seventh son. The second of these was The Switch, a body swap story, first published in The Unholy Grail was renamed as Return to Groosham Grange in , possibly to help readers understand the connection between the books.

Horowitz Horror and More Horowitz Horror saw Horowitz exploring a darker side of his writing. Each book contains several short horror stories. Many of these stories were repackaged in twos or threes as the Pocket Horowitz series. Horowitz began his most famous and successful series in the new millennium with the Alex Rider novels.

These books are about a year-old boy becoming a spy , a member of the British Secret Service branch MI6. The author information page in early editions of Scorpia and the introduction to Three of Diamonds claimed that Horowitz had travelled to Australia to research a new Diamond Brothers book, entitled Radius of the Lost Shark.

However, this book has not been mentioned since, so it is doubtful it is still planned. It is hinted at the end of The Greek who Stole Christmas that Radius of the Lost Shark may turn out to be the eighth book in the series.

He describes it as "Alex Rider with witches and devils". The third in the series is called Nightrise , and was released on 2 April The fourth book Necropolis was released in October The fifth and last book was released in October and is named Oblivion. The production was the New York stage directorial debut for Ken Russell. In also he got into a joke dispute with Darren Shan over his use of the name Antoine Horwitzer for an objectionable character.

Rather than suing, Horowitz plotted a literary revenge. It was followed by a second novel, Forever and A Day, which came out on 31 May From , he wrote the majority of the episodes in the early series of Midsomer Murders. In , he created a drama anthology series of his own for the BBC, Murder in Mind, an occasional series which deals with a different set of characters and a different murder every one-hour episode. While Crime Traveller received favourable viewing figures it was not renewed for a second season, which Horowitz accounts to temporary personnel transitioning within the BBC.

Horowitz is the writer of a feature film screenplay, The Gathering , which was released in and starred Christina Ricci.


Anthony Horowitz

There, she is transported to Ukraine , inside a monastery where she is captured by monks who worship the Old Ones. He and his followers built the monastery around the door in order to catch any of the Five for the Old Ones should they come through. Later, she escapes by attacking the monks and returning through the door. However, later that night, a man named Ramon brings the diary belonging to St Joseph of Cordoba, claiming that he feels remorse for helping Diego Salamanda decode the diary. The diary contains the locations of twenty-five doors around the world that serve as portals to other doors. Although their Inca allies arrive and finish off the zombies, Professor Chambers is mortally wounded and dies. Matt decides that the Five should split up so that the Old Ones cannot capture them all in one shot, and he, Jamie and Richard go to find Scarlett while Pedro and Scott go to the hidden Inca city of Vilcabamba to stay.






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