Picture spiraling tree trunks, artfully knotted branches, and growing chairs rooted to the ground. The art is called arborsculpture, and in his book by the same title, Richard Reames describes the unusual practice from its historical roots to its contemporary upsurge here and there around the world. Reames, author of the book How to Grow a Chair, profiles such progenitors as Axel Erlandson and his California-based Tree Circus, describes artists such as Joseph Beuys who have used living trees for sculptures, and introduces the work of contemporary arborsculptors. Is the practice natural?

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Some correct planting procedures for trees, by Dr. Alex Shigo Fall is the best time of year to plant a tree in the Northern hemisphere! Select healthy trees. Do not buy or plant trees that have roots crushed or crowded in a bag or container. Plant properly. Do not plant too deep. Plant the right tree in the right place. Do not plant large-maturing trees near buildings or power lines.

Select healthy trees Money is wasted when you buy or plant trees that have roots crowded or crushed in bags or containers. Check roots before you buy or plant. If only a few roots are crushed, remove them with a sharp cut. Plant properly DO: Plant at the depth where roots spread from the trunk.

Prepare a planting site, not just a hole in the ground. Loosen the soil far beyond the drip line of the tree. Brace the tree only if it will not remain upright in a moderate wind. Mulch away from the trunk with composted material mulch should not touch trunk. Keep soil moist, not water-logged, to the depth of the roots.

Remove dead and dying branches. Wait until the second growing season to begin training cuts for shaping and to begin fertilizing. Do not bury roots in small deep holes. Do not wrap trees. Do not amend the soil, unless the soil is very poor. Do not brace the tree so tightly that the tree cannot sway. Do not brace with wire in a hose. Do not fertilize at planting time.

Do not plant grass or flowers near the tree. Do not remove branches to balance crown with roots. Plant the right tree in the right place DO NOT plant large-maturing trees near buildings or power lines. Money is wasted when trees are topped or mutilated later. If a tree must be planted near power lines, plant only dwarf or low, compact species or varieties. Talk to knowledgeable people about the many choices you have for trees that have mature shapes and sizes that will fit your planting site.

About the Author Dr. Alex L. Shigo is considered by many to be one of the foremost authorities on trees in the world. Shigo Died in Either the books were wrong or the trees were wrong. I chose to go with the trees," Shigo says. Posted by.


Reviews of Arborsculpture- Solutions for a Small Planet



ISBN 13: 9780964728080


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