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Your shopping cart is empty Terms and conditions Following payment methods are accepted: Bank transfer or Credit and Debit cards Cash-On-Delivery premium 5,50 euros Invoice only for business ID The total price is paid in advance with the payment method 1. The payment is made on delivery with the payment method 2 COD. The invoice method means that the payment is charged within the due date.

The due date is normally 14 days after order. So we will get the confirmation of payment instantly and we can rapidly move on the delivery. Bells Publishing Ltd works as the supplier of the products and sends the products to the purchaser. Paying via a credit card is free for the customer. Debit and credit cards both are acceptable. If you have payed your order via a card and in case you cancel the order, the sum will be returned onto your account. The payment returned will be seen on your account usually in a week.

Paying via bank transfer internet is free for the customer. The option works as a normal paying method over the internet. No billing fee will be charged.

Guarantee The defective or damaged products will be changed to new ones. If receiving a defective product please contact us immediately. Please contact us immediately always before returning a product to ensure a smooth process. The client is personally responsible for the fees caused by returning or changing the product.

Privacy Policy The information gathered in the connection of an order will be saved in our databases only for fulfilling the order and maintaining the customer relationship. SSL allows sensitive information such as credit card numbers, social security numbers, and login credentials to be transmitted securely. However, if the stock actually momentarily is lower than announced, it may happen that the client has ordered a product we have not in stock.

If that case, the customer will receive the information of the fault. In that case there are the three alternatives: We will order more products from our supplier and the delivery date will be delayed. There is no availability of the ordered product and the product is changed to another product. The order will be cancelled and the amount payed will be returned to the customer.

Downloadable products The downloadable products: the digital sheet music pdf and audio files will be collected normally in the shopping cart.

They are paid via the Klarna Checkout payment options. The direct internet link for downloading will be seen after the payment announcement is seen on the screen. In addition, the system will send a download link to the email address the customer has given to us. The files are downloadable three times by the download link and during 30 days. The files are allowed to be downloaded into separate devices. The international copyright law is protecting the use of the files.

The digital sheet music scores can be printed onto a paper or they can be directly read from the screen of the different devices e. We are keeping the prices up to date, but there are a small probability for incorrect price information.

If the product is priced incorrectly, the choices are: The customer pays the difference The order is cancelled and the payment will be returned back to the customer. I accept the delivery terms.


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