Open in a separate window The extracts from Strains 34 and 6, which belong to the Alteromonas genus, showed the highest antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus with an IC50 of In line with our results, Barja and co-workers [ 36 ] isolated antimicrobial compounds from Alteromonas sp. Furthermore, Shiozawa and co-workers isolated a new antibiotic also produced by Alteromonas sp. In another study, Alteromonas sp. It is widely accepted that marine organisms produce compounds to survive and adapt to the unfavorable conditions where in which they live, and the production of antimicrobial compounds by marine bacteria seems to be a powerful weapon in space competition, namely for surfaces colonization. Other strains of Bacillus are current in the marine environment.

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Heliopause 4. Bifurcaria Bifurcata reels in elements of folk, progressive, electronica and sludge before spitting them out again in a series of engaging atmospheres that are deeply rooted in black metal soundscaping. First impressions are often the hardest to divest oneself of, and even after multiple spins, mine stays unmoved: Ophiuchi is a much darker contemporary version of what Led Zeppelin could have been.

This in turn evolves into a massive wall of sonic texture that is entirely in keeping with post-black sensibilities — and this constant, organic redefinition is what sums up the record for me: a protean synthesis of sounds flowing seamlessly into one another, sometimes melding, sometimes co-inhabiting the same space, and most often, remaking themselves as something entirely different.

The title track named for a species of seaweed is the magnum opus of this four-track record: a hefty fourteen-and-a-half minute slab of sonic texture. In an echo of Wolves in the Throne Room or Agalloch, the track builds natural, folk-inspired serenity before a full-scale low-end black metal assault goes straight for the jugular — an assault the likes of Archgoat would be proud of. This trails off into schizophrenic scatterings of bass-led musical meanderings, tied together with the rasping, heavily treated vocal that becomes another layer of texture, translating at a subconscious level.

The predominance of the bass guitar in the mix [4], both as a rhythmic and a melodic instrument, are fairly unique in black metal, though, and this may be what really sets Ophiuchi apart from other progressive forays into the post-black environment. Black metal seems, to me, uniquely although not exclusively equipped to express this kind of relationship.

I find the aforementioned relationship to be the common denominator for black metal that exudes authenticity. Any black metal record that fails to facilitate a marriage between its own mythology and the private mythology of the listener will be exactly that: another black metal record.

My only requirement is that a composition should resemble, in a manner of speaking, a living organism that I can nurture and grow as time goes on. If it feels forced, if it starts snapping at my heels, I drop it in a jar of ether and move on. The opposite is true of my tastes in sonics. The music not mine was well-written and the simplicity thereof translated to a compelling live show, but the entire operation suffered from interpersonal problems further exacerbated by chronic absenteeism, chemical adventurism, mercurial personalities, and a drummer with an affinity for breaking limbs critical to drumming during his frequent Moto-Cross excursions.

We never completely finished the album, but the technical knowledge proved invaluable. From there on I set off on my own to write and record Bifurcaria.


Bifurcaria bifurcata R.Ross, 1958

Also known as Bifurcaria rotunda Hudson Papenfuss and B. Description: Cylindrical, rich yellow-brown, mm long picture above. Fronds tough, cylindrical, smooth, narrowly forked from about half way up the thallus. Holdfast composed of persistent, intertwined rhizoidal growths. Receptacles picture below cylindrical elongated at apices with many conceptacles visible as lighter coloured spots. Ostioles usually prominent.


The Seaweed Site: information on marine algae


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