In his journey in finding the Puso, he encountered other animal characters, each representing people in our society. The book was published in and is the fourth book by Bob Ong. Bob Ong is known for depicting our current society and culture as Filipinos in his literary pieces. His works are reflections of the past and even in our world today. In the story, there are characters that we can relate to our society today. He represents Pilipinos who wants payment or exchange before helping or doing a favor.

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Shelves: owned , filipino-literature , fantasy , bob-ong 4 stars out of 5. The contemporary book Alamat ng Gubat follows the adventures of an ocean-dwelling crab named Tong who was given by his queen mother to get the magical banana bud from the mountains to cure his ailing father.

Along the way, in search for the cure, he meet different animals of different traits and characters who each has a different story. Bob Ong is a Filipino writer known for his 4 stars out of 5. Bob Ong is a Filipino writer known for his works depicting Filipino life, culture and society. His books are always a reflection and commentary of the past and current Filipino setting. The book is written in Tagalog and uses some deep and complicated Tagalog words.

At the end, Monkey was able to make Tong eat the bud, making him to not also care about the realities around him. The book has this allegorical references to Philippine society. The author used the animals to portray the current context of the Philippines. He used the insects to represent the masses, who are always oppressed, and the animals as the superior elites in the country. The book talks about the inefficiencies of the Philippine government and the politicians.

Their lack of action and concern towards the real cause of the problems are the deep reasons why the Philippines continue to struggle. Despite just being a short read, the book gave enough depth to its characters. The plot is presented well. The book is also fast paced and a quick read only a hundred pages which already includes the illustrated pages. There are symbols hidden in every character, situation and conversation. The books also has this nice balance of humor and morals.

The book discusses that of the Philippine society, culture and politics. The book talks about the society, the Filipino society in particular, on how most of the time we go numb towards the known problems of our society. On how despite the fact that we can do something for change but we still choose not to act. The book is an eye opener to its readers. It challenges us, readers, to be a hero in our own way whatever the situation, or forest, that we are in and that we should not be afraid to challenge the system.


Alamat ng Gubat by Bob Ong – Student’s Corner

Main characters[ edit ] Tong - the main protagonist of the story. Tong is a small crab talanka who went to look for a banana blossom heart of a banana in the forest to cure his sickly father, Haring Talangka translates to King Crab in English. He is engaged to a fish named Dalagang bukid. Tong is pinkish red and is the youngest in the pack of their crab family. Tong also has a brother called Katang who planned to take revenge on him at the middle of the story. His name is derived from the Visayan nursery rhyme Tong Tong Tong Pakitong-kitong, which is about crabs. Pagong - a tortoise who is helping Tong in his adventure.


Alamat Ng Gubat - Bob Ong


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