Jacobs devotes a chapter in the book The Guinea Pig Diaries to his attempts to live according to the precepts of Radical Honesty. Author Brandon Mendelson is known as a practitioner of a modified form[ clarification needed ] of Radical Honesty. At a Moth Mainstage event in , radio producer and writer Starlee Kine related her experience with Radical Honesty, which she labelled a cult. Kine described a seminar where Blanton was verbally abusive and at one point urged her to sign a contract to obey him completely for the duration of the seminar. The episode begins exploring radical honesty as the victim being deliberately rude and belligerent, with ill effects potentially leading to his demise, and with a crass and alienating character who attended the same group. However, it also explores through several character sub-plots positive outcomes resulting from honesty inspired by encountering the concept of Radical Honesty.

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How to get over shit and be happy Get your introduction to Radical Honesty now We at Radical Honesty Enterprises want to support you in keeping and building deep connection with others during the pandemic, from the comfort and safety of your home.

In light of the global Coronavirus changes, we are increasing our online workshop offerings and also adding free online calls in hopes of supporting you during this unprecedented time of physical distancing, isolation, and uncertainty… which is also a time of deeply moving cooperation, creativity, and innovation.

Radical Honesty means simply to report out loud to another what you notice in front of you, in your body, and in your mind in the present moment. Radical Honesty offers you a process to directly express and get over anger, reach full body forgiveness, and create real connection with others. Radical Honesty is a practice through which you bring bold self expression and new, creative energy into your life and relationships.

I fully recommend this way of living and creating connection. I literally feel "lighter" in my life. I have found that the thoughts in my head about telling the truth and what will happen if I do tell the truth are so much scarier than what actually happens when I do get the courage to speak my scariest truths.

I learned that if I can allow myself to feel uncomfortable for a relatively short period of time when I tell the truth, I am then free from these scary thoughts and the anxiety associated with these thoughts. I highly recommend this practice to anyone who feels like they are always worried and consumed with thoughts! There is so much freedom on the other side of telling my Truth!!


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