During an out of body experience which occurred in , he encountered five highly spiritually evolved non physical beings who informed him that he must write a revisionist history of the world. The purpose of the book was to take the readers out of their comfort zones, by presenting them with the truth regarding such diverse subjects as the true location of Atlantis, the duplicitous acts of the Illuminati , and the fundamentals of free energy technology. It was hoped that such a book would generate a word-of-mouth pandemic among the global populace in order to finally collapse the Illuminati House of Cards thus permitting humanity to create a better world which emphasizes love, not hate. It is the role of the Khwajagan to intercede in the political affairs of the world periodically, in an attempt to elevate the level of human spirituality. Wilhelm Reich. The author felt that this would be a daunting task since the published works of Reich had been publicly burned in by order of a corrupt judge.

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She now has an excellent rapport with him and he visits her regularly. After a child has developed a multiple personality following induced trauma, the programmer assigns an access code to each alter personality, which is then programmed for a specific task, e. A network of microchip implants is often embedded in the victim.

Many of these are powerful microprocessors composed of synthetic protein, rendering them undetectable by means of X-rays. Programs are reinforced by means of "triggers" inserted into television programs. A major trauma-based mind-control program is known as Monarch; Monarch programmed multiples are often used as assassins or to perform tasks for the Illuminati.

Many children are programmed to serve as sex slaves for pedophile politicians and heads of state; as the JonBenet Ramsey investigative team is well aware, the case includes aspects of possible mind-control and cult activity. As usual, the corporate media has gone to great lengths to divert public awareness in the Ramsey case away from the possibility that this was a satanic ritual sacrifice, not the work of a lone intruder.

Shortly afterwards, the police computers were hacked into. Patsy Ramsey appears to exhibit symptoms of alter personality switching during media interviews. Could it possibly be that Mrs. Ramsey and her daughter were both mind-controlled sex slaves? If so, Mrs. An advocate of mind-control, Aquino wrote an article published in the Military Review, in which he stated: " The term is harsh and fear-inspiring, and so it should be: It is a term of attack and victory On the night of August 9th.

Casolaro had been in the process of writing a book about government corruption and had informed colleagues that one chapter involved Senator Byrd. Irresponsible journalism is reprehensible, but in view of the botched Ramsey case, the above-described allegations of possible misconduct by Byrd, and the fact that Patsy Ramsey is a former Miss West Virginia, has anyone investigated whether a mind-control connection exists between Mrs.

Ramsey and the senator, and whether any public figures were at the Ramsey residence at the time of the murder? Operation Greenstar is a mind-control program in which the victim is given a screen memory to create the impression of being abducted by extraterrestrials.

Hypnotic regression as practiced by UFO support groups, only serves to reinforce the mind-control programs. A number of day-care centers are used for both mind-control programming and satanic ritual abuse purposes, while a major religious organization serves as a front for the programming of schoolyard shooters. Some children of Illuminati parents are genetically-bred to be outstanding psychics. These victims are trained to perform as psychic assassins, possessing the capability of causing cardiac arrest or neural dysfunction.

Former Soviet Premier Yuri Andropov was assassinated in this manner. Another high-level psy-ops assassination team is composed of very intelligent African-American women, known as the Black Angels. It is estimated that there are between two and ten million mind-controlled victims in the United States. Victims are usually programmed to slash their arms if their front alter personality begins to recover memories of the programming; this inhibits further memory recovery victims occasionally begin to recover memories if their programmer or handler dies.

Buford Furrow, recently arrested for the shooting at the Jewish Community Center, in Granada Hills, California, was admitted to a psychiatric institution last year after slashing his arm in several places, consistent with mind control activity.

Significantly, a National Security Council E. His father is a retired career Air Force Master-Sergeant. Federal prosecutors have announced that they will seek the death penalty against Mr.

Attorney Alejandro N. The facts, Mr. Mayorkas, are that Buford Furrow has exhibited the classic symptoms of a mind-controlled victim. If, as the writer believes, the accused is indeed a mind-controlled assassin, and you are cognizant of the fact, then you are an accessory to murder. The more than one million people who will read this article in the newspaper and on the internet will be observing your actions.

For the enlightenment of Mayorkas, and others of his bureaucratic ilk, perhaps it is timely to point out that the Illuminati has remained the overlords of humankind for millennia by virtue of the veil of extreme secrecy with which they surround themselves. Any person who incurs public exposure while performing an unlawful act on behalf of the dragon, invariably discover themselves experiencing the last day of the rest of their life.

In order to condition the public into supporting stricter gun-control measures, mind-controlled children have been programmed to shoot classmates. At the age of ten, Harris allegedly used to complain to his friends that he was being drugged at the base. This base, although officially closed, is known to possess an enormous underground facility, which allegedly is still being used as a mind-control programming center.

One Columbine teacher has publicly stated that she was wounded by an adult male, not a student intelligence information received by the writer claims that four adult gunmen were involved. One wonders why a contingent of Federal personnel purportedly visited the school the day prior to the massacre. Mind-control victims often display symptoms of obsessive compulsive disorder, resulting from prolonged trauma abuse, as is the case with Harris, which should have served as a red flag to members of the investigative team.

Prosecutors who secure convictions in such cases, where evidence of mind-control exists, are either incompetent researchers or complicit members of a conspiracy; the principal function of a prosecutor is to insure that justice is served, not to obtain a guilty verdict at any cost. Since space is limited, perhaps an overview of the Jonestown massacre will serve to depict the massive extent to which mind-control is used by corrupt Federal agencies.

Jonestown was a CIA experiment to determine whether it was possible to establish a large mind-controlled slave labor force. Ukiah District Attorney Tim Stone was assigned the task of procuring state mental patients and transferring their guardianship to the Peoples Temple. Assisting Jones was former police chief Dan Mitrioni, a contract CIA operative, who previously had instructed Brazilian and Bolivian security personnel in advanced torture interrogation techniques.

Lawrence Layton, was the director of an U. Contrary to media reports, very few of the Jonestown victims died from poisoned Kool-Aid. According to mind-control survivors, Josef Mengele programmed inmates there, at that time period.

If the cut was incurred during the slayings, why did his left-hand bloody glove not have a corresponding cut? Lee Bailey. Curiously, when Ippolito was charged with cocaine distribution, his attorney was Edward Medvene - the same attorney retained by Fred Goldman in his wrongful-death suit against Simpson Fred Goldman apparently was unaware that Simpson allegedly had transferred much of his wealth to an offshore bank on the island of Sark.

Marley, a former crony of Al Capone, employed the legal services of the current Chief Justice of the U. Supreme Court, William Rendquist. After the Simpson trial, jurors claimed that juror Tracy Hampton had sat for hours staring at a blank television screen and claiming to hear voices.

This could well have resulted from directed-energy mind-control equipment placed inside of a t. After her jury dismissal, Ms. Hampton allegedly tried to commit suicide by eating broken glass. If Mr. Simpson is a mind-control victim, presumably he would have been programmed in his youth after displaying potential as a ball player.

Determining the outcome of football games for gambling purposes is easy, if some of the players are programmed multiples. Future Illuminati Plans: Symbology plays a major role in the mindset of the llluminati. Hence the great emphasis placed upon Jerusalem, even though the Illuminati membership is Luciferian, not Islamic, Jewish or Christian. It is the Illuminati intent to destroy the al Aqsa Mosque - the third holiest structure in Islam, which sits atop the Temple Mount, by using scalar technology to activate the seismic fault which traverses the Mount of Olives.

According to Judaic holy law, it is forbidden for Jews to set foot on the Temple Mount until it has been purified by sprinkling the ashes of a pure-bred red heifer over the site. Such an heifer has been genetically-bred for the purpose and was born four years ago.

It has to be ritually sacrificed no later than October, Contrary to public knowledge, construction of the new Jerusalem Temple was commenced two decades ago. For those who have ears to hear with, do not seek it on the Temple Mount. It is currently kept at a subterranean location in Egypt. It does not contain Mosaic Tablets, but rather an object not of this world the ark at Aksum, in Ethipia, is a fake.

British and American Illuminati factions have trained Islamic terrorists in Britain and placed them under the control of Osama bin Laden, prior to sending them to the Russian province of Chechnya and proclaiming independence of the province from Russia. This is in order for Britain and America to exploit the vast oil and mineral wealth of the Caspian region.

Russia is scheduled to retaliate by launching a nuclear first strike upon America, thus facilitating the Illuminati goal of depopulating America. Vladimir Putin, who has terminal cancer, according to an informed Russian military medical source, was appointed Head of State in order to serve as a scapegoat if the nuclear attack plan goes awry.

Prior to the planned nuclear attack, the Illuminati plans to foment widespread civil unrest against governmental corruption in the American midwest, as a pretext for imposing a state of national emergency.

Since Asian and Hispanic Americans are considered the most malleable, most Blacks and Caucasians are to be incarcerated in concentration camps or executed. The Illuminati plan also calls for the execution of major political figures who have assisted them, also the Kolob-worshipping Navoo Prophets, the latter being known in high Illuminati circles as the Council of Twelve plus One.

This scenario is intended to culminate in the establishment of a totalitarian global government circa , after which time, the surviving members of humanity are to be reduced to a life of mediaeval serfdom. There are some wild cards in this scenario: The writer believes that Russia will double-cross the Illuminati and attempt to become the dominant world power by virtue of its supremacy in geophysical warfare technology.

Also we must not overlook the fact that within the private sector exists the technology to manufacture endothermic beam weaponry and radio-frequency weaponry the Illuminati has no meaningful defense against radio-frequency weapons, which have the capability of destroying computer circuitry from a considerable distance. Mind-control programming has an unfortunate tendency to fail at inopportune moments; we must therefore consider the 24, mind-controlled United Nations troops, who are currently stationed at a covert moon base, as another possible wild card.

Our Illuminati overlords regard us as sheep who deserve to be fleeced; perhaps this is as it should be, since most adult members of the populace are too politically-indifferent, or spineless, to rectify matters. English Common Law used to demand that members of the public were required to raise a hue and cry, if they had knowledge of criminal activity. What are you going to do about it, dear reader?

Random House, Inc. Wanting Japan to abort its intention of declaring war upon the Soviets where the Rockefellers had vested oil and lumber interests J. Most of the Japanese weaponry and munitions were supplied by American companies. Lieb leaked the news to the U. Only the Honolulu Advertiser bothered to publish the news.

Deliberately kept in the dark about the planned attack, Admiral Kimmel and General Short later were made patsies and relieved of their commands. In fairness to surviving family relatives, this disgrace should be expunged from the military records of these two gentlemen. The treasonous FDR died earlier than is generally known and was replaced by doubles, including a movie actor named Captain Jack Young Winthrop Rutherfurd may have been another double. No autopsy was performed and the honor guard was ordered to shoot anyone attempting to open the sealed casket.

In , three American Nazis - Helen and E.

AFI 31-209 PDF


His latest book is primarily a history of the Illuminati - the super-secret group who have been the overlords of the human race from the Babylonian era to the present, through their control of wealth, suppression of knowledge and creation of false religions. Initially reluctant to review this book on ethical grounds, since Mr. Icke graciously cites my own research into the Illuminati, I reconsidered, since my research, spanning nearly three decades, corroborates that of the author. This explosive book and video represent the most penetrating insight into the true nature of global history ever revealed to the public. David asked him what was the biggest secret held by British Intelligence.


Brian Desborough

She now has an excellent rapport with him and he visits her regularly. After a child has developed a multiple personality following induced trauma, the programmer assigns an access code to each alter personality, which is then programmed for a specific task, e. A network of microchip implants is often embedded in the victim. Many of these are powerful microprocessors composed of synthetic protein, rendering them undetectable by means of X-rays. Programs are reinforced by means of "triggers" inserted into television programs.

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