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Product Details IEC deals with safety aspects of isolating transformers for the supply of medical locations. This second edition cancels and replaces the first edition published in It constitutes a technical revision. The main changes consist of updating this part in accordance with IEC

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There are two basic types of socket-outlet intended to supply an electric shaver: The type with a transformer, and The type without. With certain exceptions only the type with a transformer may be installed in a location containing a bath or shower.

Information on both types is given in this article. Considerations applying to both types Whether with a transformer or without, shaver socket-outlets complying with the relevant British Standards accept only 2-pin reversible plugs of the kind normally fitted to an electric shaver, and are shuttered.

Both types of shaver socket-outlet may be either Class I construction having metal parts required to be earthed or Class II construction having no exposed metal parts required to be earthed. However, in all cases, a circuit protective conductor has to be run to and terminated at the shaver socket-outlet, just as is required for any other point or accessory Regulation The type with a transformer A shaver socket-outlet with a transformer is called a shaver supply unit.

A shaver supply unit complying with BS EN may be installed in zone 2 of a location containing a bath or shower Regulation Neither the rated supply voltage nor rated output voltage of a shaver supply may exceed V a. The output voltamperes must be not less than 20 VA and not more than 50 VA. Alternatively, a changeover switch may be provided to switch between the voltages. The selected output voltage setting has to be clearly discernible. The transformer is of the short-circuit proof type either inherently or noninherently.

A thermal cut-out is provided in a shaver supply unit to limit the temperature of the transformer under conditions of short-circuit or overload. The cut-out may be of either the self-resetting type or the manually resetting type.

The front of a shaver supply unit is marked with the rated voltage s and with the symbol shown left. A degree of protection of at least IPX1 is provided by a shaver supply unit. The type without a transformer A shaver socket-outlet without a transformer should conform to BS Regulation A shaver socket-outlet conforming to BS has a restricted continuous current rating of mA for use on voltages of V to V a.

The shaver socket-outlet incorporates a current limiting device, other than a fuse, which may be of either the manually-resetting or the self-resetting type.

The current limiting device operates within one hour at a current of mA, and within one minute at a current of mA. The socket-outlet may also incorporate a fuse complying with BS and having a current rating not exceeding 1 A, to protect the current-limiting device against fault current.

This is reinforced by Regulation A socket-outlet without a transformer is prohibited within 3 m horizontally from the boundary of zone 1 of a location containing a bath or shower Regulation For more information please visit www.

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BS EN 61558-2-15:2012

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