Nehn If they cannot love the child as she is born than the sorceress will keep her. This was a clever revision to the classic. Then, it was also love that brought the land a glimpse of hope, and brought her stepmother some happiness. The prince is usually strong and not clumsy, but Alex was gulliable, clumsy, and overall a weak character.

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Zulkiktilar Her relationship with Harry reminds me of my relationship with my husband because we are both very sarcastic and very proud people. User reviews 1 reviews. Did you ever care for your child? Every page I turned, the stories got better and better. Her favorite read is J. An Endless Quest Book. Cameron Dokey — Wikipedia Our customer reviews This is a great re-telling of Rapunzel with a lot of surprises and twists as well as some great characters that will keep the reader interested until they reach the end.

I think teen girls would like this book, mostly at the middle school level. Golden: A Retelling of Rapunzel A very good and original story, but would have liked it to be a little longer.

But hey, Mulan is my favorite fairytale anyway While the Mulan story was not all that different then the one I know, both the Rapunzel and the Cendrillon goldem were fresh and interesting takes on the well known tales. The story does more then tell the tale of Rapunzel with a dokeyy twist. Cameron Dokey takes a lot of time to build the world that Rapunzel lives in.

She was really caring, that she wanted to help Rue. The two of them used to be best friends as And love also broke the tension in the house. So how is this a retelling of the famous story? She lives in SeattleWashington with her three cats and her husband. Aug 26, Valerie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Valerie by: No, not a joke. This book was absolutely amazing!

Sometimes you meet someone and you KNOW they are special. Related Articles.


Golden by Cameron Dokey

Akinozuru Lots of fairy tale type stories for me lately. A perfect retelling of a story. This story is also important because it teaches readers two important things. The characters could have been fleshed out better and the second half of the book seemed to wrap up too quickly. Must redeem within 90 days. The witch has always thought Rapunzel would be the one to break the spell and so she brings her to the tower.

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Cameron Dokey


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