Page 8: Customer Maintenance 1. Page Warnings 2. Check that no foreign material is inside the printer. Page Troubleshooting By Symptom 2. The power does not turn on.

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Page 6 Basic Printing Prepare to load paper. Move to the left position for plain paper. Move to the right position for envelopes and T-shirt Transfers. Page 10 Main tab. You can control quality in the Set Print Quality Main Main Main For details about other printer driver functions, refer to the Guide Select Preview before printing displays a preview screen that allows you to confirm the selected printing effects and how your document will look when printed.

Page Printing With Macintosh Printing with Macintosh The menu screens and dialog boxes that appear may vary, depending on the Note software application you are using. The steps described in this section are for printing in Mac OS 9. Create a document or open a file to print. Select Paper Size. Page 12 Photo Manual: Manual Manual Manual For details about other printer driver functions, refer to the Guide You can cancel a print job in progress by simply pressing the Cancel button on the printer.

Media Type you have selected. Media Type Page Advanced Printing In your application, select the command to print a document. Then click Preferences or Properties. The Printer Properties Printer Properties dialog box opens. Printer Properties Page Adjusting Print Quality For Photographs Features that affect the appearance and quality of your printed images can be controlled with the printer driver.

The iD automatically adjusts printer settings to improve print quality based on the media type plain paper, Photo Paper Pro, and so on. You can also customize the Print Quality settings if desired. Page 16 Use this feature to compensate for unsatisfactory color balance and over- or under-exposure before printing. Open the Printer Properties dialog box. Page 18 Advanced Printing To reduce noise from images captured with a digital camera: To reduce noise from images captured with a digital camera: To reduce noise from images captured with a digital camera: To reduce noise from images captured with a digital camera: Photo Noise Reduction function reduces noise from blue portions, such as the sky and dark portions of the images captured with your digital camera.

Page Saving And Recalling Driver Settings Saving and Recalling Driver Settings When you change printer driver settings for a specific print job, such as printing black and white photos, or printing documents with a special background, you can save and name these settings for future use on similar print jobs. Page 20 The dialog box to enter the new settings name opens. Click OK.

Click Close in the Register Settings dialog box. This registers your printer driver print settings. You can retrieve or delete the saved driver settings at any time. Page Using Printer Driver Options Using Printer Driver Options Getting to know the basic features of your printer driver will provide you with sufficient expertise to print a wide range of images and documents.

The illustrations below provide a basic introduction to the many features offered by your printer driver. Page Using The Bundle Software You can easily print pages displayed on the Internet Explorer or pages from the Guide on-screen manual of this printer in full size. Easy-WebPrint automatically adjusts the layout when printing a screen. This feature enables you to print a screen without its right end being cut off.

Image Selection 1. Image Selection Select photographs. All photographs in the selected folder are displayed. Select the paper. Select the layout. Paper Selection 4 Click Print Print.


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