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Or, does the GPO dissapear when the pc is removed from the domain? Hopefully others will be able to use this method. Step 6 is not completely necessary if you have your GPO set-up to handle user configurations and is actually a pain because it affects every user that logs into the computer. Here are the steps: The gpo will stick when a user is outside the office.

So i check laptop of user. There is a very simple solution to this. Maybe in the registry? I am still trying to figure out what that means too. I check it so Network security key is show. However, we automatically through GPOs make local users administrators of their machines in particular situations, and they are allowed to view and show characters or copy info to a usb stick.

Propuesto como respuesta Trainmon17 domingo, 11 de febrero de Basically only way to prevent users is to make them a standard user on the local machine, which is by design to protect machine. In the Path field type C: So how can you do this so it applies to all computers on a domain? Ok, here is what we have found so far. My question is there a way to disable that through GPO setting even though they are local admin.

As know, this feature is by design. If you want to disable this function, it requires a new design. Dear MCSE i didnt got it. For specific hardware-related issues, please use the Windows Vista Hardware forum 8 6. Al continuar navegando por este sitio, aceptas este uso.

TechCenter del cliente Windows. Has anyone heard if Microsoft is going to make any enhancments to allow us to hide this? Suppose users are moving around with their laptops and need access to that?

By default, our users are not local admins of their workstations, so the majority is not a problem; HOWEVER, there are a certain few who have laptops that have to be local admins because of active x control issues and software programmers who refuse to write their software to work with basic user rights.

With this in place, you are free to connect to wireless networks and you can edit IP and DNS info on your connection. We have issue that so many outside visit at our office and bring their laptops, we provide access on our wireless. Exactly what I was looking for. This is the best solution I have found, thank you very much for sharing.

Your Welcome in Advance. At our company, we have a few apple computers too. Yesterday, i found a lot laptop connect internet via wireless. Related Posts.


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