Section 2 Becoming a parent: how a baby is conceived; growth and development before birth; pregnancy; the expectant mother; antenatal care; arrangements for the birth; birth; postnatal care. Section 3 Caring for babies: the new baby; what a new baby can do; the needs of a new baby; crying; feeding the new baby; breast-feeding; bottle-feeding; keeping a baby clean; bathtime; the layette; nursery equipment. Section 4 Development: why each child is different; genetics; growth and development; physical development; development of vision; development of hearing; development of speech; social development; emotional development; security and insecurity; discipline; the training of children; bladder and bowel control; intellectual development. Section 6 Food: nutrition and energy; food additives; diet; weaning; mealtimes; refusal to eat; food hygiene; teeth. Section 7 Health and safety: infectious diseases; parasites; skin problems; first aid; common illnesses; the sick child; nursing a sick child; prevention of accidents; safety in the home; outdoor safety; safety on the roads.

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Students are encouraged to interact and actively engage with the content. A wide range of design features has been included to stimulate learning, both in the classroom and in independent study. Case studies provide the opportunity to make connections between the different topics and units in the textbook.

Additional student support is included in the form of a study skills chapter, links to a wide range of useful websites, a glossary and cross-references. Activities are clearly linked to key skills and grading criteria. The resources are fully illustrated with clear diagrams and lively images to make the pages informative and interesting.

This book has been written by very experienced educational authors at a level and in a style suitable for all Level 2 students. Pamela Minett is author of the hugely successful Child Care and Development textbook, now in its 5th edition. Communication and individual rights in the health and social care sectors 2. Individual needs in health and social care 3. Vocational experience within a health and social care setting 4. Cultural diversity in health and social care 5. Anatomy and physiology for health and social care 6.

Human life span development 7. Creative and therapeutic activities 8. Health and social care services 9. The impact of diet on health. Study skills.


ISBN 13: 9780719546297



Child Care & Development by Pamela Minett (Paperback, 2010)


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