CompletableFuture is used for asynchronous programming in Java. Asynchronous programming is a means of writing non-blocking code by running a task on a separate thread than the main application thread and notifying the main thread about its progress, completion or failure. Having this kind of parallelism greatly improves the performance of your programs. A Future is used as a reference to the result of an asynchronous computation.

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Limit your answer to words Rich Text Response What type of vehicle do you drive? Text Sections For any answers that require a text based answer, you can add text sections. You will do this by selecting the Rich Text Content Control allows users to edit formatting or the Plain Text Content Control only allows plain text without formatting option.

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Design Mode Enabled Design Mode Disabled Congratulations, you have just learned the basics of creating interactive forms. You can send the DOTX file to people and when they open it, it will automatically open up a normal word document that they can fill out and send to you since the template is automatically applied.


Combining RxJava Completables

Completable class. This PR has been merged into the 1. Note that as the Experimental tag indicates, method names and their availability may change at any time before or after 1. What is this Completable class?


RxJava - Completable Observable

The API is explained by examples that illustrate the various behaviors, where each example focuses on one or two specific behaviors. Since the CompletableFuture class implements the CompletionStage interface, we first need to understand the contract of that interface. It represents a stage of a certain computation which can be done either synchronously or asynchronously. You can think of it as just a single unit of a pipeline of computations that ultimately generates a final result of interest. In addition to implementing the CompletionStage interface, CompletableFuture also implements Future, which represents a pending asynchronous event, with the ability to explicitly complete this Future, hence the name CompletableFuture. Creating a Completed CompletableFuture The simplest example creates an already completed CompletableFuture with a predefined result.

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