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It is the closest relationship of the mandible to the maxilla as this is where all the teeth fully interlock simultaneously. Therefore, it is a position that is determined by the teeth and to some extent the soft tissues as well. The tongue, cheeks and lips contribute to the development of ICP by guiding the eruption of the upper and lower teeth and stabilising their positions.

This position is also used a hundred times a day in function specifically to stabilise the mandible during swallowing. When we swallow, a majority of us will form an anterior oral seal which is when the teeth are in ICP and the lips closed together. However, there is a small number of people who are unable to do that and swallow with their teeth apart instead.

The reasons for this could be that there is a discrepancy in the jaw s , a malposition of the teeth or a deformity in the soft tissues. Restorations in general are adjusted in ICP and dentists usually ask patients to "bite together with their back teeth".

One of the factors that complicate restorative work is overeruption of teeth as there is now a reduced height between the upper and lower arch. Other features that result in an unstable ICP are: Drifting of teeth Teeth extracted or lost due to other causes Loss of tooth contour due to carious decay, tooth wear or tooth fracture [13] RCP[ edit ] Retruded contact position RCP also known as centric relation, describes the relationship of the mandible to maxilla when the mandibular condyles are in their most superior and anterior position, independent of tooth contact.

This position is independent of tooth contact. It is restricted to a purely rotary movement about the transverse horizontal axis. The reproducibility of this position is achieved by the non-elastic nature of the temporomandibular joint capsule and the associated capsular ligaments. Due to the reproducibility, RCP is widely used in the management of dentate and edentulous patients and as a reference point for registration for mounting casts onto articulator.

Translation[ edit ] When the jaw is opened widely, it exceeds the maximum range of jaw opening with rotational movement, and a secondary gliding movement occurs. This movement is called translation. Translation occurs within the superior cavity of the joint. Maximum protrusion[ edit ] When the lower jaw is pushed anteriorly as far as possible with some teeth in contact, it is said to be maximum protrusion. Condyles are in the most anterior position and determined partly by stylomandibular ligaments.


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