Shelves: kindle-ebook , spiritual Henri Nouwen books are usually very thoughtful reads that cause me to reflect on my approach to my faith. This book was no different. Henri takes this a step further and rather focuses on your life mission rather than a vocation. This is an insightful book that has been very helpful to me.

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Nouwen brought to the essential question asked by every Christian and seeker: What should I do with my life? Although the late Henri J. Nouwen counseled many people during his lifetime, his principles of discernment were never collected into a single volume. Nouwen was a world-renowned spiritual guide, counselor, and bestselling author of over forty books that many today consider spiritual classics.

It is, therefore, a treasure for all believers. He won my heart and became one of my mentors. Discernment, when it is given, is always of gift. So is this book! People must make the effort to read the signs of his presence. Hopefully, this book will nudge some of them to do just that. One gets the sense that Henri is talking directly to you, and touching you deeply. The book reads like a seamless piece of writing that on almost every page has something that enlightens the mind or touches the heart at a deep level.

Life-giving and beautiful, yet practical and wise, he invites all those who doubt, feel lost, wounded or broken to discover the beating heart of love at the center of world. The result is an even richer and more accessible Nouwen than most of us have ever seen before. He has helped shape a whole generation of Christianity, and his legacy is still being written. Read it, live it, and transform the world by doing small things with great love.

This is a rich and helpful book. He possessed a unique capacity to combine genuine wisdom with winsome simplicity, and could help people look deeply into themselves. In these writings these qualities shine through, and the down-to-earth practical hints on no-nonsense spirituality will be a source of refreshment for readers.

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Finally, he was able to discern that his vocation was not to live among the poor in Latin American but to witness to their spiritual, social, and political struggles in Central and South America. He found a new place to do this in North America as professor of divinity at Harvard. Nouwen was a Dutch psychologist-priest who taught pastoral psychology at Notre Dame, Yale, and Harvard. Author of 40 books on the spiritual life, he died in without writing a book specifically on discernment.


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