What book should readers start with? Especially if you like your romance novels super steamy with dominant alpha males. It is free, the first novel of my main series and available at all major retailers. While each book in the Purgatory Masters is a standalone romance, they are interconnected and I would recommend they be read in order. But if you are an absolute series purist and want to begin where I began then you need to start with Roped this one is also free. It all began with the Purgatory Club series, which is a series of stand alone novellas inspired by a fetish and goth show I used to attend in Charlotte, NC.

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But everyone calls me Gabby. Another subtle sign of confidence and power she always appreciated. She puzzled at his question. You look more like a Gabrielle to me. An intelligent and curious woman who may be in over her head at the moment, though. In fact, the dizziness had faded and been replaced with an unexpected serene calm. It came out exotic and sexy. And hell yes, he made her nervous. She gulped down several more swallows before giving it back.

I think I should probably head home now and get some rest. You should stay for a while longer—meet some of the other members. She rose from her seat, and Thomas did the same, offering his hand again. He certainly knew how to be the perfect gentleman. It was very educational. This man in her townhouse, taking charge of their encounter, giving her the experience of a lifetime.

Oh boy. Stop that, Gabby. So he did have one already. She gave herself a mental slap. Of course, he did. A man with his talent, intelligence and a voice that could easily make a woman come on demand would not be unattached. I love it there.

I can imagine you there already. We do meetings and demonstrations every month. Gabby rushed from the door without another word, afraid to look back. She fished her keys from her purse, hurriedly unlocked the door and jumped inside. She was, however, still going to kill Angel tomorrow the minute she got a hold of her.

That was at one in the morning. Now as her vision focused on the digital clock on her nightstand, she saw that it was after seven. Gabby flung the covers and rushed to open it. Next thing she knew, her neighbors would be complaining about the noise. Quit making so much damn noise. This from the woman who left me hanging last night.

Angel tossed her purse onto the chair and stalked toward the kitchen, chattering all the way. Somehow, you manage to do that more often than not. What did you think of the meeting? How was the demonstration? Did you talk to anyone? Meet anyone interesting? I want to hear everything. She had nervous energy to burn, and she needed to do something.

Today would be a perfect day to play in her garden. Work she could do later after it grew too hot to be outside. And I can admit I found it very educational.

Jeff loves to push my limits when he can, and that was one of the things I was most afraid of so he convinced me to try it. It heightened everything. Perception, arousal, all of it. I experienced the most incredible orgasms of my life, and that night realized just how much I really trusted my Master. That kind of need and satisfaction flowing through two people was a rare and precious gift indeed. Her emotional and physical response to the scene was off the charts.

Just thinking about it now had her panties dampening in desire all over again. This is perfect. The one who I think would be perfect to introduce you to the lifestyle. Angel had to be kidding. Thomas would never be interested in someone inexperienced like her. Baby steps. Master talked to him about you last week, and he seemed interested.

I was supposed to introduce you to him last night. This could not be happening. The one saving grace for her last night was knowing they were complete strangers and would likely never see each other again. She reached for the chair and sat down with a hard thud. Are you sick? Sick with embarrassment. Not enough sleep is all. You can sleep a few more hours and still have plenty of time to get whatever you need done. That should help.

And then you can finish telling me about last night. Her stomach felt like a heavy weight had settled in. What did he say? Why did he do it? Jeff and I have known him a long time so Master kind of knows what he likes. Why would you think that? What happened? I told you I watched his demonstration and found it fascinating. Her friend was far too perceptive.

Come on, spill it.


Eliza Gayle

I recognize the sounds of your need. Gabby shifted her hand and moved her finger over the hard little nub. The gasp she tried to bite back fell from her lips. Can anyone see you? No one can see me unless they come in through the gate. That pleases me. The phone began to slip in her hand, and she tightened her grip to maintain her hold.


Submissive Beauty

With an underlying need in her emotional spirit that requires more than sex, she is easily seduced into a world of dominance and submission under false pretenses. For Thomas, an experienced Master, Gabrielle is an interesting mix of defiant, naive and submissive. Her sharp mind and wit appeal to him as much as the curves of her lush figure. He accepts the challenge to help train her despite the danger she represents. Long term anything for him is out of the question. Their journey puts Gabrielle at the mercy of two men who teach her how to embrace her darkest needs within a tight bond of trust. Unfortunately, betrayal lurks on the path to total surrender.

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