Mugal Richtlinie eu energieeffizienzrichtlinie wikipedia. Central governments that purchase products, services or buildings, insofar as this is consistent with cost-effectiveness, economical feasibility, wider sustainability, technical suitability, as well as sufficient competition, shall:. Where appropriate, Member States may require transmission system operators and distribution system operators to encourage high-efficiency cogeneration to be sited close to areas of demand by reducing the connection and use-of-system charges. Any refusal to recognise a guarantee of origin as such proof, in particular for reasons relating to the prevention of fraud, must be based enrgieeffizienzrichtlinie objective, transparent and non-discriminatory criteria. Member States may determine the power-to-heat ratio as the ratio of electricity to useful heat when operating in cogeneration mode at a lower capacity using operational data of the specific unit.

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Minimum criteria for energy audits including those carried out as part of energy management systems. The overall process to become connected to the grid should be no longer than 24 months, bearing in mind what is reasonably practicable and non-discriminatory; c provide standardised and simplified procedures for the connection of distributed high-efficiency cogeneration producers to facilitate their connection to the grid.

Billing based on actual consumption In order to enable final customers to regulate their own energy consumption, billing should take place on the basis of actual consumption at least once a year, and billing information should energiseffizienzrichtlinie made available at least quarterly, on request or where the consumers have opted to receive electronic billing or else twice yearly.

Member States shall set guiding principles for the methodology, assumptions and time horizon for the economic analysis. For example, for enegrieeffizienzrichtlinie gas-fired power plant an appropriate time horizon could be 25 years, for a district heating system, 30 years, or for heating equipment such as boilers 20 years.

Ziele und Strategien —. Buildings owned by public bodies account for a considerable share of the building stock and have high visibility in public life. Gas turbine with heat recovery. Article 8 Energy audits and energy management systems 1. Member States may require competent local, regional and national authorities or operators of individual installations to carry out the economic and financial eneryieeffizienzrichtlinie.

L vom The requirements laid down in this Directive are minimum requirements and shall not prevent any Member State from maintaining or introducing more stringent measures. Measures and energy savings The National Energy Efficiency Action Plans shall provide information on measures adopted or planned to be adopted in view of implementing the main elements of this Directive and on their related savings.

The purpose of the baseline is to serve as a reference point, to which the alternative scenarios are evaluated. Specific information related to this Directive 3. Juni die Fortschritte, die die Mitgliedstaaten bei der Beseitigung der in Artikel 19 Absatz 1 genannten rechtlichen und sonstigen Hemmnisse erzielt haben. Languages, formats and link to OJ. Electricity production from cogeneration shall be considered equal to total annual electricity production of the unit emergieeffizienzrichtlinie at the outlet of the main generators.

Member States shall notify the Commission of such refusal and energieeffizienzricjtlinie justification. One of the initiatives of the Europe Strategy is the flagship resource-efficient Europe adopted by the Commission on 26 January Member States may exempt from paragraph 5: Nele friedrichsen jacobs university bremen academia.

Combined cycle gas turbine with heat recovery. Die Mitgliedstaaten sollten zur Festlegung indikativer nationaler Energieeffizienzziele, -systeme und -programme verpflichtet werden. Central governments that purchase products, services energieeffizienzridhtlinie buildings, insofar as this is consistent with cost-effectiveness, economical feasibility, wider sustainability, technical suitability, as well as sufficient competition, shall:.

Such systems services may be determined by the system operator and shall not energieeffizienzrichtliie impact the security of the system. It is important that all forms of ehergieeffizienzrichtlinie produced from high-efficiency cogeneration can be covered by guarantees of origin. Der Zugang von Marktteilnehmern, die Energiedienstleistungen anbieten, erfolgt auf der Grundlage transparenter und nichtdiskriminierender Kriterien.

Member States shall bring into force the laws, regulations and administrative provisions necessary to comply with this Directive by 5 June These targets and the individual efforts of each Member State should be evaluated by the Commission, alongside data on the progress made, to assess the likelihood of achieving the overall Union target and the extent to which the individual efforts are sufficient to meet the common goal.

The requirement to achieve savings of the annual energy sales to final customers relative to what energy sales would have been does not constitute a cap on sales or energy consumption. Public support to cogeneration and district heating generation and networks shall be subject to State aid rules, where applicable. The power to adopt delegated acts referred to in Article 22 shall be conferred on the Commission for a period of five years from 4 December Any other type of technology or combination thereof falling under the definition laid down in Article 2 Dabei wurden folgende Bereiche einbezogen: Member States may count towards the annual renovation rate of central government buildings new buildings occupied and owned as replacements for specific central government buildings demolished in any of the two previous years, or buildings that have been sold, demolished or taken out of use in any of the two previous years due to more intensive use of other buildings.

The inventory shall contain the following data: If the actual power-to-heat ratio of a cogeneration unit is not known, the following default values may be used, in particular for statistical purposes, for units of types abcd and e referred to in Part II provided that the calculated cogeneration electricity is less or equal to total electricity production of the unit:.

In accordance with the principle of proportionality, as set out in that Article, this Directive does not go beyond what is necessary in order to achieve that objective.

Artikel 3 Buchstabe f, g, h und i. Member States shall support the proper functioning of the energy services market, where appropriate, by: Where Member States so permit, they shall ensure that an approval process is in place which is clear, transparent and open to all market actors, and which aims at minimising the costs of certification; c allow obligated parties to count savings obtained in a given year as if they had instead been obtained in any of the four previous or three following years.

Scenarios that are not feasible due to technical reasons, financial reasons, national regulation or time constraints may be excluded at an early stage of the cost-benefit analysis if justified based on careful, energieeffizeinzrichtlinie and well-documented considerations.

Member States shall determine how such reference is to be made. Eu energieeffizienzrichtlinie pdf The harmonised efficiency reference values shall consist of a matrix of values differentiated by relevant factors, including year of construction and types of fuel, and must be based on a well-documented analysis taking, inter alia, into account data from operational use under realistic conditions, fuel mix and climate conditions as well as applied cogeneration technologies. Viele dieser Hindernisse sind nach wie vor von Belang.

They shall ensure that this guarantee of origin complies with the requirements and contains at least the information specified in Annex X.

Where multi-apartment buildings are supplied from district heating or cooling, or where own common heating or cooling systems for such buildings are prevalent, Member States may introduce transparent rules on the allocation of the cost of thermal or hot water consumption in such buildings to ensure transparency and accuracy of accounting for individual consumption.

Tarifierung in kritischen Spitzenzeiten. ANNEX XIII Minimum items to be included in energy performance contracts with the public sector or in the associated tender specifications — Clear and transparent list of the efficiency measures to be implemented or the efficiency results to be obtained. In addition, Member States should ensure that national energy regulatory authorities take an integrated approach encompassing potential savings in the energy supply and the end-use sectors. To increase transparency for the final customer to be able to choose between electricity from cogeneration and electricity produced by other techniques, the origin of high-efficiency cogeneration should be guaranteed on the basis of harmonised efficiency reference values.

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In some multi-apartment buildings supplied by district heating or common central heating, the use of accurate individual heat meters would be technically complicated and costly due to the fact that the hot water used for heating enters and leaves the apartments at several points. Type of the unit Default power to heat ratio, C Combined cycle gas enwrgieeffizienzrichtlinie with heat recovery 0,95 Steam back pressure turbine 0,45 Steam condensing extraction turbine 0,45 Gas turbine with heat recovery 0,55 Internal engine 0,75 If Member States introduce default values for power-to-heat ratios for units of types fghij and k referred to in Part II, such default values shall be published and shall be notified to the Commission. Minimum items to be included in energy performance contracts with the public sector or in the associated tender specifications. OJ L This strategy shall encompass: Member States shall ensure that when the impact of policy measures enefgieeffizienzrichtlinie individual actions overlaps, no double counting of energy savings is made.


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