Syrah Cheng is the daughter of Ethan Cheng, the self made telecoms billionaire. She loves snowboarding, but she was recently involved in a reckless snowboarding accident in Whistler and damaged her knee. Syrah is a snowboarding sports woman and her Asian family is successful and rich. Neither of these are mainstream character types trending in the literary world. Instead they can pick and choose from within their own culture, based on their own interests, while also enjoying activities that originated outside their Asian countries. All this is possible without a character having to reject their cultural heritage, or dutiful subscribe to every activity someone might characterise as typical Asian cultural activities.

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Shelves: alltime-favorites I started this book at last night. I went to bed at this morning. It was a great read. Coming of age, but dark. Very good. Syrah has an oh-so-terrible life because her parents are oh-so-wealthy. But it has its advantages in a way too--when Syrah decides she wants to be a part of her family and use everything to get what she wants. And what Syrah ends up wanting more than anything is to help someone else--to save a life. But I kept going, I kept reading and sure enough by the end I was enjoying it.

While all the characters seemed a bit flat and stereotypical in the beginning, by the end, they were beginning at least if not more to become fully fleshed characters with heart and soul. I liked how Syrah changed through the course of the book, how she came to be someone I could like, someone I could respect.

The whole snowboarding premise seemed really interesting to me because I tried snowboarding once and I fell about a million times. Im much better at skiing. I was a little disappointed, however. For about the first pages or so, I felt like Id been thrown headlong into Syrahs life without any explanation, even though there definitely was. I was expecting scenes and scenes of her flying down the mountain or something. Another problem I had was that the narrative was a little bogged down by all of these ridiculous similes and metaphors.

The writing is pretty beautiful, but that can only buoy me for so long. She was the best character in the whole novel, I felt. In the beginning, I thought that she was going to be annoying, because Syrah did often feel a little annoyed with her, but as the story progressed, she wormed her way into my heart.

Overall, I tried to enjoy Girl Overboard, but there was some major flaws that I found with it.


Justina Chen

Teen girls being nasty to one another and stabbing each other in the stab? So when I received a copy of your book, I was thrilled. A novel that features a snowboarding heroine? Syrah Cheng is the daughter of a billionaire who made his wealth in the cellular phone field. She lives in a mansion, gets anything she desires, and enjoys every luxury you can imagine. But wealth has a price: people want her not for herself but for what she can bring them courtesy of her family name.


Girl Overboard

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