Todo el mundo a partir de una edad presenta cierto grado de artrosis de rodilla. El dolor de la gonartrosis aumenta al caminar. Esta es una radiografia tomada de frente de un paciente con artrosis avanzada de ambas rodillas. Es el desgaste de la articulacion, es un proceso normal de envejecimiento del cartilago o superficie de la articulacion junto a la degeneracion de los meniscos. El hueso debajo del cartilago pasa a recibir una mayor presion lo que produce dolor y un engrosamiento de este hueso.

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Traumatology Bilateral gonarthrosis Bilateral gonarthrosis is a chronic non-inflammatory disease of the knee. When osteoarthritis occurs the cartilage destruction of the knee joint. Subsequently, the disease affects the hyaline cartilage — it becomes cloudy, splits and collapses.

The bone in response, it begins to build up bone tissue formed bone spikes, growths, and the foot may be deformed. Types of osteoarthritis Due to the occurrence of gonarthrosis of the knee joint can be divided into primary and secondary. Primary gonarthrosis of the knee joint has a softly expressed symptoms, the mechanism of its origin is still not fully understood. Scientists have identified several risk groups that are most susceptible to this disease: people in old age the natural aging process of musculoskeletal system ; women after 40 years especially in menopause ; people who are overweight; Secondary gonarthrosis of the knee joint occurs usually after the trauma sports or everyday.

Localization of occurrence is: right-side gonarthrosis — striking the right knee joint; left-side gonarthrosis — striking left knee joint; gonarthrosis bilateral — affects both the knee joint. The main thing that the disease is detected at an early stage and, therefore, correctly chosen treatment can prevent further progression of the disease. Bilateral gonarthrosis much more common than unilateral, and requires a serious approach to testing.

In this case, can be assigned to extensive and long-term treatment, because the disease swept both legs and leaking more and more painful. The stage of the disease Just like any disease, gonarthrosis, has its stages of development. Each of these stages is characterized by certain negative changes in the joint. Bilateral osteoarthritis of 1 degree is characterized by small discomfort in the knee joints can sometimes be swelling.

The patient rarely pays attention to these symptoms and withdraws their fatigue after a working day. In rare cases, bilateral gonarthrosis of 1st degree manifested by intermittent sharp pain in both knee joints, which takes place when walking or driving. Agree, not everyone will pay attention to it and not even think about the initial stage of joint destruction of the knee.

Most often it is in this stage patients begin to go to hospitals. Bilateral gonarthrosis 2nd degree is characterized by severe pain, especially when walking, sports or any other load on the knee. There is a characteristic crunch in the knees. The disease progresses the sound is amplified and becomes more distinct. The reason for the crunch and the resultant acute pain is that the cartilage has already started to break down, sometimes exposing the bone in some places.

At this stage of development of the disease the first signs of deformation of the affected joints, his legs are difficult to bend in the knees. Bilateral gonarthrosis 2nd degree — a very unpleasant disease that can give the person a lot of inconvenience.

The patient begins to take care of injured leg resting on a healthier, which can lead to lameness. The third stage of that very nasty and progressive disease — the most severe and painful. With bilateral gonarthrosis grade 3 pain is a constant companion of the patient, it makes itself felt even at rest. Joints become weather-sensitive — if you change the weather start feeling a nagging pain.

Bilateral gonarthrosis of 3 degrees can occur in X-shaped and O-shaped deformities, in which the structure of the knee joint under very serious changes.

The disease contributes to the development of the blockade of the joint. This is a condition in which a person cannot bend and straighten the leg. All this leads to reduced physical activity and deterioration in the quality of human life. To correctly diagnose primary bilateral gonarthrosis at early stages can experienced doctor using patient interviews and medical examination.

The task of the doctor is to find out the original cause of pathology. Sometimes you need the advice of several specialists such as a rheumatologist, orthopedist and surgeon. Priority diagnostic methods of this disease are: magnetic resonance imaging MRI — allows you to see the joint in a three-dimensional image; ultrasound examination gives an assessment of the quality of the articular surfaces and the amount of synovial fluid; computed tomography CT — provides an opportunity to assess and joints and bone tissue; arthroscopy is the direct visual examination of the cartilage, when, under anesthesia in the joint cavity video camera.

What method of diagnosis should I choose? This question will be able to answer the doctor. He finds a more informative method of research in each case. Most of the methods of investigation are painless and do not cause discomfort to the person. Treatment of the disease Treatment depends primarily on the stage of the disease. Primary bilateral gonarthrosis therapy lends itself well to such methods: wearing corrective therapeutic hosiery; massage, swimming, physiotherapy; correction of excess weight or special diet.

Even with this mild treatment, the result will be on the face — leave the pain of the joints. Also used medication bilateral gonarthrosis. Usually apply: NSAIDs nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in the form of tablets and local ointments or injections; chondro — drugs that restore the cartilage tissue, which contain in their composition of different combinations of chondroitin and glucosamine, extracts of cartilage fish; drugs that restore the synovial fluid; drinking collagen to improve tone of ligaments of the knee joint.

Also one of the methods of treatment is surgery. It is used in the second and third stages of the disease. In the most severe cases the joint can be replaced partially or completely. Quite effective this method of treatment, as the use of various orthopedic products and devices. It includes the use of canes, orthopedic insoles, and corsets.

The variety of offered methods of treatment suggests that with timely treatment to the doctor and proper treatment of bilateral gonarthrosis can be cured. Related posts:.


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