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Click next for hardware-id query. Accept the End User License Agreement. A license key is displayed. Copy the license key from the screen. HP Switch. A copy of the license key will be emailed to you. From a CLI console, save the switch configuration by using the command write memory. Enter the license key into the switch. NOTE: The license key is not case sensitive.

After the software is upgraded to these versions or later, the Premium license is activated no matter whether the premium license was installed for the previous version or not. Upgrading to A. Use the show license command to identify the permanence of the Premium license. Moving the license from the current device to another The license key generated by the My HP Switch Portal can only be used to enable the license features on one device.

The Premium license is portable, letting you move your license between devices. Once these software versions are installed and the original Premuim license is uninstalled, the default license is Premium. To move your license from a current device to a different device, you must uninstall the license on the current device. A new registration ID will be generated for the new device once this procedure is complete. To move the license from the current device to another: Uninstall the license on the current device and obtain the Uninstall Verification Key.

Please login to the portal and register your un-installation ID. You will receive a new registration ID allowing you to install this license on another system.

Obtain the hardware ID of the new device. Establish a console connection to the switch CLI. Enter Manager level and use the enable command and switch password to obtain the hardware ID. Select the My Licenses tab, and then select the Transfer licenses to new platform in the Manage Licenses section. Enter the uninstall ID and hardware ID. Copy the registration ID number from the screen. Obtain a new license key. Select My Licenses. Enter the registration ID. Enter the registration details including the hardware id of the switch where you are installing the license.

License key registration information.


Premium license prerequisites



Hp J8692A Manuals


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