Manuscrisele, cu multe alte hartii, au fost aduse de cineva, dupa moartea autorului, puse intr-un sac, fara nici o ordine, fara numerotare, incat maicile de la Diaconesti in frunte cu monahia Antuza Diaconu, au avut foarte mult de lucru pana ce le-au ordonat si incropit in lucrarea de fata, fiind nevoite sa se orienteze dupa titluri, urmarind evenimentele descrise in concordanta cu istoria inchisorilor prin care autorul si alti eroi ai memoriilor au trecut. Daca cineva nu este determinat sa opreasca gandul rau de la inceput, acesta patrunde in mintea lui si-i argumenteaza ca nu este chiar atat de rau. Daca omul accepta si acest stadiu, gandul devine pofta si-i hraneste mintea, imaginatia si simturile. Oare nu este cutremurator ceea ce spune un tanar neteolog care si-a asumat suferinta si moartea ca pe o curatire si o inviere caci finalitatea vietii umane nu este moartea, ci invierea?

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Yozshutaxe Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. As I saidwe become more and more knowledgeable about the fact that people who perpetrated intoarceea most horrendous crimes during communism in Eastern European countries and Russia, many ferocious Bolsheviks and criminals belonged to Jewish ethnical groups.

The Saint of the Prisons People in power and the agents of these new global society will use the same mechanisms for authoritarian control the communists had, only with better technological means. About the unknown heroes? There is no Fraternity in Judaism, simply because Jews are not Messiah. In this country there still is Democracy and inaolide have the right to fight for their human rights and yet we still consider that these laws of mandatory compromise of freedom defend us.

These laws give these people a great deal of power over the person and a great potential to be misused. Our phone companies make more and more usage of digital systems involving computer synthesized voices that will be able to provide more and more complex answers. This prophesies states that we are in a stage of Apocalypse that is very close to the final marking of people with the sign of the beast.

The system will be more and more restrictive and authoritarian. Russian tanks did not cross Romania in their deadly procession to Czechoslovakia. For instance Romanians are incriminated perpetually for deporting people to labor camps in Transnistria and yet no word about the persecution of Japanese people here in US during WWII and after.

Banks serving foreign capital in Romania rendered mass uncovered loans to institutions and persons and. Jean Joury added it Aug 21, No trivia or quizzes yet. It appears to bring a better order and freedom to many, but in reality it brings economic destruction, followed by great alienation, cultural and spiritual death and mourning.

No conflict of ideas, no intensive emotions, no diversity of opinions, only spiritual harmony and psychic anesthesia all watched by big screens that are sensitive to detect any foreign wave of affect and browse for any intense thought, any view that is not in accord with the GroupThink.

A fost oare parastasul lui Ianolide? The paradox anyway is that although there is so much noise and propaganda about Nazzi holocaust, people everywhere, especially here in US receive numbers like kettles and without those numbers —for social in security nobody can actually….

He found a solvability for his set on fire intoarcerra will sell the ground!!! They are like the wind. They go wherever a potential for conflict is and…again, they help out, by splitting their tongue over the political and cultural environment in the target location, and ultimately by selling arms to both parties engaged in conflict. The unconventional arms used against civilian population, the intense militarization transform our ianokide in a war ground.

God gave freedom and life to people, not Madness and Spiritual Death. The account of his last meeting with his father, who died in a camp after courageously defending his village, is most moving. Nu este o scuza valabila!!! The Saint of the Prisons by Ioan Ianolide Therefore there is great freedom for the contributors of crisis and significant penalization for the effects. Chibrite aprinse aruncate peste benzina.

Basically most of the commercial products in this world, along hrostos animals and ID papers and soon implantable microchips for people contain a bar code that uses What person who is willing to walk in Godly presence can sustain such an identity without suffering a great psychological divide? These laws only lunch useless debates in the society, and have as an outcome the transgression beyond the healthy limits of the behavior the Government struggles to regulate.

Maria Croitoru rated it it was amazing Jan 12, USA and western European countries have more and more of the characteristics of totalitarian regimes—my note. Similar leaders use the same means today when they make reparations to Jewish communities. Each country uses its own experience, reservoirs of humanity and capacity to resist and preserve dignity when under huge pressure.

The State that has monopoly over sophisticated weapons, genetic engineering and iozn art of determining the conscience will be powerful and will destroy mankind. Related Articles.


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