We are dedicated to providing resources for seekers who are exploring a variety of spiritual paths as well as for those who have chosen a specific path and wish to delve more deeply into its unique history and practices. Abiegnus House will publish books and other materials that inform, inspire, and empower readers in their search for spiritual growth and understanding. Isis Magic We are proud to offer this new edition of Isis Magic as our first publication. The second part offers a spiritual path that guides you in creating or deepening your own relationship with this most powerful and magical of living Goddesses. This new Abiegnus House edition of Isis Magic offers you even more, including: New meditations and exercises New rituals for every stage of your relationship with Isis A more powerful Opening of the Ways rite for the Votary More graceful Egyptian language for the Star of Isis ritual A new same-sex wedding ceremony A new rite of ascension for the Magician of Isis A major new initiatory rite, The Twelve Hours of the Night, for the Prophetess or Prophet of Isis Less formal, easier-to-understand ritual instructions New illustrations to help explain concepts, and new photographs to enjoy And for the scholars among us, true footnotes rather than endnotes—to make your own further researches easier.

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The Magic of the Hair of Isis by M. But they took appreciation for hair, especially feminine hair, to a whole new level of magnitude. For them, hair was magical. And, of course, Who would have the most magical hair of all? The Goddess of Magic: Isis Herself. I have always understood that the long hair of Isis in Egyptian tradition—disarrayed and covering Her face in mourning or falling in heavy, dark locks over Her shoulders—to be the predecessor of the famous Veil of Isis of later tradition.

Ah, but there is so much more. In ancient Egypt, it was a mourning custom for Egyptian women to dishevel their hair. They wore it long and unkempt, letting it fall across their tear-stained faces, blinding them in sympathy with the blindness first experienced by the dead. As the Ultimate Divine Mourner, this was particularly true of Isis. Scholars consider this a reference to Mourning Isis with Her disheveled and powerfully magical hair.

Mourners use various mourning gestures and dishevel their hair It is in Her disheveled, mourning state, that Isis finally finds Osiris. She reassembles Him, fans life into Him, and makes love with Him. As She mounts His prone form, Her long hair falls over Their faces, concealing Them like a veil and providing at least some perceived privacy for Their final lovemaking. This pairing of love and death is both natural and eternal. How many stories have you heard—or perhaps you have a personal one—about couples making love after a funeral?

But it makes perfect sense: in the face of death, we human beings must affirm life. We do so through the mutual pleasure of sex and, for heterosexual couples, the possibility of engendering new life that sex provides.

Isis, in kite form, covers and makes love with Osiris The lovemaking of Isis and Osiris is the ultimate expression of this. I have conceived as Isis, I have procreated as Nephthys. My crown is disheveled; Isis has been over her secret, she has stood up and has cleaned her hair. This lovemaking of Goddess and God has cosmic implications for its result is a powerful and important new life: Horus. As the new pharaoh, Horus restores order to both kingdom and cosmos following the chaos brought on by the death of the old pharaoh, Osiris.

Not only is hair symbolic of the blindness of death and the new life of lovemaking; the hair of the Goddesses is actually part of the magic of rebirth. The long hair of the Goddesses is associated with the knotting, tying, wrapping, weaving, knitting, and general assembling necessary to bring about the great Mystery of rebirth. Hair-like threads of magic are woven about the deceased who has returned to the womb of the Great Mother.

The Coffin Texts give the name of part of the sacred boat of the deceased itself a symbolic womb as the Braided Tress of Isis. Mourners, probably Isis and Nephthys, throw Their hair over the Osiris In some Egyptian iconography, we see mourning women, as well as the Goddesses Isis and Nephthys, with hair thrown forward in what is known as the nwn gesture.

Their hair is not a bond of restraint but rather the bonding agent needed for rebirth. Like the placenta that contains and feeds the child but is no longer necessary when the child is born, the reborn one throws off the tresses of the Goddesses that had previously wrapped her or him in safety. Her statues often show Her with long hair, and Her priestesses were known to wear their hair long in honor of their Goddess. This is sketched from a coffin found in Gebelein now Naga-el Gheria , 13th dynasty.

Either a long-haired female image or a tiny long-haired female person is spreading her hair over the deceased. This little bit of research has inspired me to want experiment with the magic of hair in ritual.

It is most certainly in Her tradition. Thank you, Rosa! She is also a priestess of the international Fellowship of Isis, a Hermetic adept, a maenad for Dionysos, and a founder of the Hermetic Fellowship. Connect with Isadora on her website Isiopolis. Reader Interactions.


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It always has been. As you enter Her House—Her Temple—you will come to know this most magical, powerful, and loving of Goddesses. At each stage of your deepening relationship with the Goddess you can participate in exercises, meditations, and powerful rituals that will open your heart, aid in your personal and spiritual growth, and increase your skills in sacred magic. It is the perfect resource to aid the individual seeker, to inspire a circle or coven or Iseum, or to serve as a program of personal development for those called by Isis to be Her priestesses and priests. That is the inner secret of this glorious book. It is not merely Isis of the past; it is Isis for today, Isis for tomorrow, Isis forever. It presents an entire system of practice bringing Isis religion and magick into the 21st century.


Isis Magic

Isis Magic is complete, well researched, and deeply experiential. And if you know someone who might be interested in these classes, would you please do me the favor of sharing this with them? I highly recommend this book for tho This book is more like a textbook. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Isis Magic begins with a fascinating history Classes are sponsored by the Hermetic Fellowship.


The Magic of the Hair of Isis by M. Isidora Forrest


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