Paris — fort. Teil 1, Genealogie und Mythographie. Vorrede, Text, Addenda, Konkordanz [Nr. Brill, Leiden Teil 2, Zeitgeschichte.

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He is best known among classicists for his highly important work Fragmente der griechischen Historiker , a collection of text fragments of ancient Greek historians. Biography[ edit ] Jacoby was born in Magdeburg to Jewish parents. Though he was later expelled from the University of Kiel during the Gleichschaltung of Nazi Germany , Jacoby is said by some to have been one of a very small number of German Jews who initially supported Adolf Hitler.

According to some witnesses, he even went so far as to make the startling comparison in As a Jew I find myself in a difficult position. But as a historian I have long learned not to view historical events from a private perspective. I have voted for Adolf Hitler since and I am happy that in the year of the National Rising I am allowed to lecture on Augustus, because Augustus is the only figure in world history that may be compared to Adolf Hitler.

In , Jacoby fled to England, where he stayed at Oxford, continuing his work on the fragments of the Greek Historians. He returned to Germany in and died in Berlin in Pisa Eckart Mensching: Finkenkrug, Neuseeland und Oxford. In: Eckart Mensching ed.

Berlin , pp. Willy Theiler: Nachruf auf Felix Jacoby. In: Gnomon 32, , pp. Annegret Wittram: Fragmenta. Felix Jacoby und Kiel. Frankfurt am Main


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Alla sua morte , dopo trentasei anni di lavoro, erano apparsi 15 volumi, ma erano state completate solo tre parti: Teil 1. Genealogie und Mythographie "Parte 1. Genealogia e mitografia" [1] A. Vorrede, Text, Addenda, Konkordanz "Prefazione, testo, addenda, concordanze" [nn. Konkordanz "Ristampa con addenda al testo, aggiunte al commento, rettifiche e concordanze".


Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker (F GR HIST). --

Jump to navigation Jump to search Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker, commonly abbreviated FGrHist or FGrH Fragments of the Greek Historians , is a collection by Felix Jacoby of the works of those ancient Greek historians whose works have been lost, but of which we have citations, extracts or summaries. The work was started in and continued by him till his death in The project was divided into six parts, of which only the first three were published. The first included the mythographers and the most ancient historians authors ; the second, the historians proper authors 64— ; the third, the autobiographies, local histories and works on foreign countries authors A pool of editors is currently trying to complete this task Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. Felix Jacoby : Die Fragmente der griechischen Historiker. FGrHist Weidmann, Berlin ff.

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