He lives with his wife and children in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, where he practices and teaches magic. His popular blog can be found at www. Read an Excerpt Recognizing Attack Sources of Attack Because this book is about magickal defense, the first question that must be answered is: who or what are we defending ourselves against? In my experience, occult attack and crossed conditions generally stem from one of four sources: 1 offended spirits acting in retribution for offensive actions, 2 people stumbling unprepared into places of power and being negatively effected by their ambiance, 3 missteps or broken vows in our occult practice, and 4 attacks from other practitioners. Offended Spirits Humans are not alone in this world.

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Framing Goals on a Trajectory Last week I did one of my resolution consults for a client who wanted to increase their income. This would represent a significant uptick from their current income, but is not unrealistic or unattainable given their business and they brought in last year.

I had them re-frame their goal anyway because it was too st [ I know I have. I used to say it all the time. Even if we then use a weasely modifier like "but your will be done" we are still at least asking for what we want. This is a huge part of what makes magic, yet I see even advanced people give surprising [ My own prayer to the Sorcerer Saint goes like this: In the name of the great and mighty power of God I invoke the sublime influence of St.

Cyprian, in Christ Jesus. I ask that you be my mentor and my master by virtue of the grace bes [ One thing that I have noticed is the need for unbinding. Not unbinding from crossed conditions or negative magic, but from the limitations we place on ourselves and our magic. This weekend I found myself saying this strange axiom to a [ After a couple weeks she started getting everything that she was looking for and a clear path emerged for going forwards.

She was surprised at both the advice and the result. She remarked that she figured that Strategic Sorcery was mostly about doing [ This time it is a debate about Spirit Manifestation and the role that following Grimoire instructions to the letter has to play in it. If you havent been following along already, here is the run down. As you can tell from his amazing temple pictures, he is an [


Protection and Reversal Magick (Beyond 101)

Product Description You could be the target of a spell or curse and not even know it! All people, witches or not, are susceptible to these attacks. The difference: witches and magicians can do something about it. Now you can too.


Protection and Reversal Magick : A Witch's Defense Manual

Shelves: occult-magic-pagan I found myself in the middle of the road on this book. Some of it felt alright compared to other material, some of it left my scratching my head asking if this was for real. What did irk me is that the author I found myself in the middle of the road on this book. What did irk me is that the author specifically says to do a divination before working any reversals to see the outcome of such magic before you attempt it. While I can appreciate the wisdom in such a suggestion, the almost dogmatic approach can drive a person up the wall with enough repetition throughout the book.

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Protection & Reversal Magick: A Witch's Defense Manual

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