Jigar Moradabadi Ali Sikandar Jigar Moradabadi belonged to a family of scholars and poets, one of his ancestors had been the tutor of the Mughal emperor Shahjehan, the builder of the Taj Mahal. Jigar was born in Benaras, but when he was six months old his father shifted permanently to Moradabad their hometown. It was in Moradabad that Jigar received his primary education, Later, at 12 he went with his uncle, an Inspector of Police in Kurwi in Banda district. Here his uncle arranged for him to be tutored in Arabic and Persian. Later his uncle was transferred to Lucknow and Jigar continued his studies in Lucknow, where he received schooling till the IX th Standard.

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His inclination towards ghazal in the early years and then his works in the nazm format are equally mesmerising. Jigar Moradabadi was a poet unlike any. Honoured with a Sahitya Akademi award and an honorary D. Litt by Aligarh Muslim University, he remains one of the most celebrated poet whose Urdu ghazals and nazms are sung by countless ghazal singers.

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Share among your network if you love Jigar Moradabadi and like this ghazal. He was born on 6 April in Banaras. He received oriental education in Arabic, Persian and Urdu in Moradabad, and started to work as a travelling salesman. His father died when Jigar was child and hence his childhood passed in struggle. His poetry teacher ustad in the early days was Rasa Rampuri. Jigar moved to Gonda, near Lucknow, where he befriended Asghar Gondvi. He died on 9 September in Gonda.

A small residential colony in Gonda city called Jigar Ganj is named after him. It is close to his original residence. An intermediate school in the city is also named after him — the Jigar Memorial Inter College. Mazar-e-Jigar Moradabadi is in Topkhana, Gonda.

Jigar Moradabadi belonged to the classical school of ghazal writing and was a mentor to Majrooh Sultanpuri, who became a prominent lyricist in the Indian film industry and penned many popular songs in Urdu. He is now regarded as one of the all-time great Urdu poets. Litt, the first was Muhammad Iqbal. Faiz Ahmad Faiz, the distinguished Urdu poet and academic, regarded Jigar Moradabadi as a master craftsman in his field.


Jigar Muradabadi



Jigar Moradabadi Shayari


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