History[ edit ] History of the Junior Woodchucks from "W. Edited image In the story "W. The organization eventually grew larger to include all nations around the world. Organization[ edit ] The Junior Woodchucks is a para-militaristic organization with its leadership being much more similar to that of army officers than to real-life Scoutmasters. Leadership[ edit ] The I. The adult leadership of the Junior Woodchucks consists of troop commanders [10] called Grand Moguls in European comics whom often has vibrantly acronymized titles which demonstrates their ranking position and professional field.

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As the title suggests, it is the guidebook used by the Junior Woodchucks and appears to contain information and advice on every possible subject. Huey, Dewey, and Louie frequently consult a volume of the set to get themselves and their uncles Donald Duck and Scrooge McDuck out of dangerous situations see deus ex machina.

According to Don Rosa , the Guidebook was written by the Guardians of the lost Library of Alexandria, compiling the essence of all the knowledge that was unique to the Library.

It was later found by Cornelius Coot who gave the book to his son Clinton Coot who, in turn, was inspired to found The Junior Woodchucks as a continuation of the Guardians of the Library.

One story that is not by Don Rosa says that the Guidebook is updated by an unknown author. However the Woodchucks have an uncanny knack for always having the right volume with them for the task at hand.

In particular, the Guidebook contains information on lost treasure, a complete survival guide, extensive historical and technical information and phrase books for various more or less common languages like a minimal lizard phrase book , and many more. However, it does not contain information that a Junior Woodchuck is already supposed to know, such as the location of the Cape of Good Hope, nor does it contain information on allegedly non-existent things.

In the DuckTales episode " The Golden Fleecing ", the three nephews faced a dragon and when they consulted the Guidebook, the entry on dragons read that since dragons did not exist, there was no reason to include information on them. However, in the story on which that episode was based , the guidebook did have an entry on dragons.

On the other hand, the Guidebook does have information on Martian technology, despite the fact that in the DuckTales universe, Martians had not been discovered when the book was printed. In short, it is a minimal encyclopedia although the subset of articles is extraordinarily well-chosen , available only to Junior Woodchucks. Information is readily available by searching the extensive index; a key skill of a Junior Woodchuck is being able to retrieve information quickly from the Woodchuck book in the midst of a dangerous situation, such as a bear attack, an earthquake, falling out of an airplane sans parachute, or being swallowed by a crocodile.

Due to the incredible amount of information the book contains, it is considered highly troubling when a situation occurs and the book does not have the necessary information. The real Handbook at least in the s was the same size as the Guidebook and was believed by all Scouts to contain all necessary information. That guide was the inspiration for the "Junior Woodchucks Guidebook" Il Manuale delle Giovani Marmotte , a series of several Disney books with tips, advice, general culture, and curious facts about nature and life, released in Italy by Mondadori in seven volumes between and , and later translated into several languages.

In the comic book adaptation of the Darkwing Duck pilot, " Darkly Dawns the Duck ", it is shown that Darkwing , apparently having been a Junior Woodchuck in his youth, has a copy of the Junior Woodchuck Guidebook. However, in the actual episode, the book is instead referred to as "a boy scout handbook.

During the final challenge to help Louie get promoted, he argues with the Guidebook that he is not helping him win against Violet. Later after the suspension bridge in the volcano collapses and Huey makes a tightrope to get to the finish line as Violet continues processing to win, the Guidebook tells him that the only way he can be helped is to get to the finish line himself. Just before he can continue helping Huey, the Guidebook ultimately eradicates after being hit by a hopping lava drop just as the rope Huey is standing on snaps after getting hit by lava.


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