Shelves: reading I really like Karl Pilkington. He is my kind of person. It is an interesting read and defiantly makes me want to go on more adventures such as Route I would avoid any type of cuddle party though, that is most certainly not my idea of fun.

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Gervais and Merchant call Pilkington during each trip, to assign him tasks often not related to why he believed he was visiting the country. These include training as a luchador , travelling the desert on a camel, and dancing with a samba school in a Carnival parade. The camera man coaxes him along. It was authored by Pilkington and gives a deeper insight into his feelings on what he was experiencing.

The second series shows Pilkington performing activities from a general but not his "bucket list". Gervais produced a Christmas special mini-series that aired in the UK in late The original concept, pitched by Gervais, was to show Pilkington and Warwick Davis travelling around England on a bike together.

The final outcome featured the pair travelling to China from Venice via Eastern Europe and India, loosely based on the journey of Marco Polo. There is also an official podcast to accompany the programme and book. The program increased its viewing figures throughout its run, with Episode 3 attracting 1,, viewers and Episode 7 attracting 1,, viewers.

Series 2[ edit ] The show returned on 23 September at pm on Sky1 with 2,, viewers, making it the most watched Sky1 and non-terrestrial programme since Series 3[ edit ] A three-part Christmas special was shown from 30 November to 14 December on Sky1. Pilkington is joined by actor Warwick Davis travelling to various locations along the route taken by Marco Polo to China.

On 21 December , a fourth episode entitled "A Commentary" was broadcast; it featured Davis, Pilkington, and Gervais commenting on Episode 3. Gervais confirmed that the specials would be the end of the series. In each "Lost Luggage" segment, Gervais and Pilkington hold a short discussion.


The Further Adventures of An Idiot Abroad

Early life[ edit ] Pilkington was born in in Manchester. While there, he unintentionally caused Gail Porter to leave the station in tears after only one show; he criticised her performance, which Pilkington defended as an attempt to encourage improvement. Pilkington was eventually included as a main presenter of the broadcasts, with large amounts of airtime devoted to his unusual thoughts on various subjects, or various childhood stories. The phrase spawned several dance music mixes, T-shirts, and other merchandise. Reuters , commenting on this issue, described Pilkington as a "phenomenon" who had made " Internet history ". This led to a conversation where Pilkington, who claimed to have been interrupted while grouting his kitchen, said he had not yet been paid for his work on An Idiot Abroad and concluded the interview with an off-the-cuff link into the hourly news. In an on-air response to similar claims made by Chris Campling during a broadcast on XFM, Merchant stated that he would be "ashamed" if the radio show was scripted, and added that "I would not have squandered a character that good on this poxy radio station".


Karl Pilkington


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