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The bird nest was in a large Magnolia tree. On top of the tree was the Holy Spirit in the form of a dove with rays of light coming from the Holy Spirit and rays of light coming from the hands of Our Lady the Most Precious.

The rays of light went into the mouths of the birds and a ray went on the other side of the magnolia tree. The rays of light formed the word Camden. The Magnolia tree symbolized Magnolia. Under the tree was shown a garden being planted with mustard seeds. Symbolic, the mustard seeds are being planted in Magnolia and they will grow across the whole state. Los rayos de luz forman la palabra Camden.

Are you taking time to pray? We do not fear what is truthful. We do not fear in our faith what is God and who is God and we do not fear the abandonment of God. No tenemos miedo en nuestra fe a lo que es Dios ni a quien es Dios, y no tememos rendirnos a Dios. I will be appearing here almost every Wednesday because of a need of grace in this area of how I will build the mustard seed.

It will turn into a huge tree with the power of heaven. You must keep it simple. You must stay simple and you must stay obedient and humble according to what I am going to say and what I am going to do to build an everlasting grotto and maybe a shrine for all time. It will be the central focus of my Armada Rosary. I want many people to pray the rosary. Ustedes deben conservarlo con sencillez. Deben permanecer simples y deben mantenerse obedientes y humildes de acuerdo con lo que voy a decir y lo que voy a hacer para construir una gruta eterna y tal vez un Santuario para todos los tiempos.

Yo quiero que muchas personas recen el Rosario. Now we are formally in battle not only for souls, but we are in battle against Satan and his last rush to steal like a thief any and everything to hell. However, it is also the beginning of the end for Satan. Do not measure these things in time. Do not measure when the grotto will be built. Do not guess at all these things. For now I have been a wiser soul chosen as a place of investigation at a universal church.

Do not fear but you must pray hard because Satan does not want anything to happen here. If it happens here it will spread like a flood throughout the United States, Mexico. It might even revive Europe. This is also the intention of why He created a soul that was immaculately conceived to be the perfect vessel for the Son of God to become the Savior of the world with the promise of our individual resurrection and also with the gift of the Eucharist which is the resurrection and it is also part of the cross.

It is also the food that feeds my soul. It is the body of my son which is the Church—the mystical body. No midan estas cosas en tiempo. Por ahora Yo he sido un Alma sabia escogida como centro de estudio en una iglesia universal. Sometimes I will have a short message. Sometimes I will teach. All the times the signs and wonders will be here being done in my spouse, the Holy Spirit. Where He is I am and where I am He is. I will always bring with me someone who has been canonized as a saint in the Church.

Always there will be Charlene and there will be Father Seelos because this is their area. This is their area that they brought here.

You see, there is no time with God. No time. It is now always with God. I would love to have people who could come here to pray because they will receive many graces and it is necessary that this be here to give power to this devotion to me. By the power of the Blood of the Lamb it is going to spread. Siempre voy a traer Conmigo a alguien que ha sido canonizado como Santo en la Iglesia. Ustedes ven, que el tiempo con Dios no existe.

No existe el tiempo. Por el Poder de la Sangre del Cordero se va a difundir. I am going to need people. I need to teach people how to pray. I need to teach people how to do soaking prayer. There may be a day when I come into a hall and I have not only Thomas but many of you praying over people. This is the desire of my son the Vicar, Francis. This is evangelization. This is spreading the word of God. All power and authority has been given to my Son and he said each one of you baptized go therefore teach all nations.

Baptize in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. The time has begun today here and is being done. Do not worry about who is not doing anything; be concerned that you just obey the will of God. Yo voy a necesitar gente. Thomas no puede rezar por todo el mundo. Thank you for having answered my call. Charlene is the blood of the blood of the faith community here.

Someday she may be the patron of this whole area. I have St. Theresa, St. Theresa of Avila, St. Bridgette of Sweden so wonderfully endowed with the gift of healing for the power of the Eucharist, St.

Faustina whose prayers saved mankind in the chaplet, St. Place your hands in My hands and wounds. Place your hands in My feet. Pon tus manos en las heridas de Mis Manos. Sometimes Satan comes into power and tries to control to bring in a Jezebel spirit that wants to do everything, control everything.

That is not of God. I come directly against that attitude now. Eso no es de Dios. Yo voy directo contra esa actitud ahora. Come to me like little children. A simple child has the greatest mind in the universe. Has the greatest purity in the universe. The first shall be last, the last shall be first. I bless you today. Thank you. Thank you and pray. Tiene la mayor pureza del universo. Yo los bendigo hoy. Les agradezco. Muchas gracias, y recen.

I come with the blessings of heaven. I shower you with roses and again I see the plan of God. Vengo con las Bendiciones del Cielo. Have faith, have faith. Have faith and pray. Have joy. Joy is the absolute dis-structure of fear.

Nothing from heaven brings fear.


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