My site uses cookies. By continuing to use the site you consent to that. It is November , nine months after a successful German invasion of Britain. He also finds the joint from an artificial arm. The murdered man was an atomic physicist involved with the resistance, and the murder was something to do with information he had about nuclear physics.

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In , the Germans landed near Ashford, Kent , and Canterbury was declared an open city. The German advance captured London but a British rear guard around Colchester slowed down the Germans for long enough to enable Royal Navy ships to escape from Harwich.

Rear Admiral Conolly formed a British government in exile in Washington, DC , but struggles to gain diplomatic recognition. There is also considerable interservice rivalry between the German Army, the Schutzstaffel , and the Gestapo. While the German Propaganda Ministry claims that the Soviet-German friendship is genuine, cynics claim that Hitler is using the Soviets as a counter-balance against the Americans.

Having lost his wife Jill and home during the German invasion, Archer lives with his son "Douggie" at the home of Mrs Sheenan and her son Bob. Archer is called to investigate the murder of a well-dressed man at a flat above an antiques shop in Shepherd Market. Although the body has two gunshot wounds, Archer is puzzled by its condition, in particular by what appears to be sunburn on the arm. Archer also finds a prosthetic arm and a return ticket to Brindle Sands, where the Germans have an atomic research facility.

Archer soon finds himself in the middle of a power struggle between Huth and Kellerman, which is complicated by interservice rivalry between the SS, German Army , Gestapo , and Abwehr. Archer becomes romantically involved with an attractive American journalist named Barbara Barga, who is connected to the British Resistance leader Colonel George Mayhew. He also learns that his colleagues Woods and Sylvia are also members of the British resistance.

Archer travels to the British prisoner of war camp which produced the prosthetic limbs and captures John Spode. Archer accompanies Captain Hesse to a meeting with Mayhew and an Abwehr general. Archer later learns that the research is stored on a piece of film hidden in the prosthetic limb found at the flat.

In response, the Germans impose martial law and detain thousands of Londoners including Woods and Sylvia. Sylvia is killed during an escape attempt while Woods is detained by the Gestapo. Archer passes the atomic research film to Colonel Mayhew.

Barga and Mayhew negotiate a deal for the Americans to allow the King to enter the States in return for receiving the German atomic research. Huth arrives to arrest the group but Mayhew makes an agreement with him and he departs. They attempt to evacuate the King to Bringle Sands in an ambulance but it breaks down.

Archer and Woods turn to Barbara for help only to find that she has been killed by the Gestapo. Mayhew is pardoned in return for testifying against Huth at his trial. Archer comes to realize that Mayhew killed William Spode in order to prevent the Americans from gaining access to his atomic research.

He also considers Mayhew as "playing God and writing the future history books". Characters[ edit ] Douglas Archer. A year-old Detective Superintendent in the Metropolitan Police , Douglas is a widower with a young son named "Douggie.

A graduate of Oxford University , Douglas is among a new generation of university-educated detectives who prefers scientific methods like forensic science. A highly-respected detective, Douglas is credited with solving several high profile murder cases in London. Douglas struggles to balance his detective work with the brutal realities of the Nazi occupation.

Dr Oskar Huth. He speaks fluent English, having studied at Oxford University. Huth is also privy to the German atomic research program, which is codenamed "Apocalypse. Huth strikes a deal with British resistance leader George Mayhew, who reveals the resistance plot to smuggle the King to the US but this turns out to be a diversionary for a US raid on Bringle Sands.

He is a plump man in his late 50s with a thick thatch of white hair who has a taste for good food and drink. Kellerman rose through the ranks of the Nazi Party as a political appointee. Kellerman likes his subordinates to refer to him as Vater or father. Kellerman tries to ingratiate himself with Archer by offering his son Douggie gifts and to secure a place at the German School in Highgate for the children of German officers and bureaucrats. A ruthless political player, Kellerman frames Huth for colluding with the British resistance to free King George VI and destroy the Bringle Sands atomic research facility.

A female American syndicated journalist who writes for 42 US magazines and newspapers. While working on a story about Americans living in German—occupied London, Barbara secretly works with the British resistance to obtain German atomic secrets for the Americans.

She befriends Archer and the two develop a romantic relationship. A Detective Sergeant in the Metropolitan Police. An "old school" policeman, Woods is scornful of paperwork, filing systems, and microscopes. Woods and Archer first met in when the former was a young Police Constable and the latter was a nine-year old child. Woods has a wife named Joan Woods but is secretly in love with the police secretary Sylvia Manning.

Woods and Sylvia are involved with the British resistance. A young aspiring Police Constable in the Metropolitan Police. Archer tasks Dunn with investigating the itinerant music teacher John Spode. A secretary working for the Metropolitan Police. Sylvia becomes involved with the British Resistance and steals several German identity documents from Scotland Yard. Sylvia is later killed during a botched escape attempt from the Caledonian Market detention camp.


SS-GB: Book and Television Miniseries Review

Be calm. Hes coming! Hes Coming! Even though I know Hitler never made it to the shores of Britain, I still get a chill just reading those words. Winston Churchill eloquently told the runt corporal in Berlin to bring it on and, when you do come, know that every inch of British soil you take is going to be bathed in German blood.


The southern part of Great Britain is controlled by the German Reich while the northern part is an unoccupied zone, even though there is still conflict in the area. In this alternative world , it is November , nine months after a successful German invasion of the UK. Winston Churchill has been executed, and King George VI is a prisoner who has not been seen in public for some time. His wife and daughters Elizabeth and Margaret escaped. Germany has also maintained friendly relations with the Soviet Union , and Soviet Foreign Minister Molotov has just flown in to oversee the removal of the body of Karl Marx to the Soviet Union. Douglas Archer, a Scotland Yard murder squad detective with a stellar reputation, is working under a German superior from the Schutzstaffel SS , the security force of the Nazi Party. Though his wife was killed by a German bombing raid , Archer avoids involvement in political crime and views resistance to the Nazi Empire as futile.



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