Lobotomy for the business man! Lobotomy for the nursery schools! She printed many poetry pamphlets in her early years, one of which; The Love Book was confiscated from bookstores in San Francisco by police in , on charges of obscenity. Only one full book of her poetry was printed during her lifetime; Word Alchemy

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After love—what? Alchemy might be more promising. The rooms that Lenore shares with her husband are musty, dusty and dark. Once the latent housewife in Antoinette overcame the desire to tidy up, she became aware of the casual comfort of the place. Indian hangings and tapestries dominated the decor which definitely inclined one to recline for repose or anything else.

The place had a definite lived-in, loved-in look that seemed pleasant and appropriate. Many people took offense when they found words heretofore confined to sidewalks and school desks suddenly appearing in printed books. Their outrage resulted in a lengthy court trial and the conviction of three booksellers. Lenore, herself, was not on trial, although everyone, including the judge, had difficulty remembering the fact. I used that particular verb because our English vocabulary is very limited.

Fornicate and copulate seem so medical. I write about all aspects of human life, the creature and the universe he lives in. I never realized that people were that hung up about sexuality.

What followed was a trial by proxy. Even the judge was confused. He kept referring to me as the defendant. Miss Kandel is NOT the defendant. Strike that. When they feel the rights of the individual are being violated, they really step forward and do something about it.

They received no money for representing the defendants. Was the real thing? They tried to throw a man out because he looked young and they thought his mind would be corrupted. He kept insisting that he was Finally they mad him show his I. He was Then a series of minsters, priests and rabbis debated the correctness of angels making love to stars. A lot of our witnesses were disqualified.

Art Hoppe was disqualified as a witness on the basis that he had no knowledge of the average man. Other witnesses were rejected by the prosecution because they subscribed to the New Yorker or admitted going to art galleries. Police censorship is disrespectful to people. People should be allowed to make up their own minds.

Where I got in trouble was in saying that sex and the spirit are both beautiful parts of nature and equally divine. I just want something more than that.

Do you believe this? So many men get this good girl-bad girl hang up. They have certain desires that they should express to their wives but instead they fulfill themselves with someone else.

This is wrong and unnecessary. I guess they expected a nude girl to pop out of a cake. What they got was me reading poetry. I also advised them stop lying to their wives and business partners. It really depends on the individual. I think this must be very confusing to children. My friends know me and they understand, but still the response was heart-warming.

I think a lot of people began reading poetry for the first time since the ninth grade. Poetry should be the truth. It can be technically bad and have life. People reacted according to what was in their own natures. Imagine a shoe salesman! The very ones who are always trying to pinch us and look up our skirts! A writer continues to be a writer. Tell the truth, be the truth. Follow me on Google Plus. Related Content.


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