Lightarian Reiki is advanced Reiki training for people who have completed Usui Reiki Master training. The Lightarian energies work on the subtle energy bodies and provide etheric support to help you on your spiritual path. The attunements create permanent connections with the Archangels and Ascended Masters who have stepped forward at this time to offer their assistance to those who want to work with them. The price includes hard copy Lightarian manuals that will be sent out to you and five remote attunements. A PDF certificate will be emailed to you after you have received each attunement. You will also be registered with the Lightarian Institute and will be able to pass on the attunements to others!

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Creates the discerning opening to the first Band of the Buddhic Band of energies. Receive manuals for all Ascension Bands. If you are not a Karuna Reiki Master, you need to receive a "Buddhic Boost" attunement before beginning your training to get you to the Karuna Reiki level energetically. Each class is taught in one hour hour segments that include an attunement, a manual, and a question and answer period. Once attuned, you practice giving the attunement and use the energy in a short healing.

According to Ascended Master Buddha, there are 8 bands of Reiki. The 1st band consists of all Usui-based Reiki. The 2nd band consists of Karuna Reiki. The 3rd - 8th bands of Reiki are Lightarian Reiki. This level raises your vibration to the 3rd and 4th bands of Reiki and prepares you vibrationally for the attunements in the higher bands. You can now use the presence of Ascended Master Buddha in healings.

You can now use both energies in healings. You can use these energies to create a healing dome to use in healings. You can use the energies of Ascended Masters Buddha and Sananda as well as the energies of Gaia and the Godhead to create a healing chamber in which to place clients during healings.



Since our programs have provided simple, effective and powerful celestial connections! Many of us are here to learn and grow through the human experience as preparation for bringing more Light into this plane. We are here to refine and expand our talents and abilities to serve as spiritual teachers, energy workers, healers, communicators, and ambassadors …all to support the global-human ascension-descension process that is unfolding here. Light is everything; everything is Light. This holistic view of the Light enables us to better understand that all levels of our subtle bodies, and our physical body as well, will be changing and evolving based on our commitment to building personal power and focusing on our personal spiritual process. To support this extraordinary process, the Lightarian staff would be honored to work personally with you to stimulate your awakening process and to enhance your spiritual development We invite you to browse our Lightarian offerings.


If the class you are interested in is not schedules please e-mail us so that we can accomodate you. Through a series of four levels, you will raise your personal vibration, while dramatically expanding your capability for delivering these higher and finer healing energies. The emphasis in Lightarian Reiki is on simplicity. No symbols are required.


Inspired by Ascended Master Buddha, Lightarian Reiki has been brought forth now to accelerate the healing process for humanity The Six Bands divinely permeate our lives and this profoundly translates into deeper connections in all realms. Aligned with Buddhic energies, but not on a Reiki path? This is for you!! This program profoundly impacts the individual as they expand with Ascended Master Buddha.

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