Entertainment August 12, Left: Barbara Feldon circa Feldon could have dined out on the role of Agent 99 forever, but throughout her career she found ways to reinvent herself while living a normal life. Now, Feldon lives in New York City and works as a writer. She has a book about living alone under her belt and a series of articles. She was a studious young woman who graduated from Carnegie Institute of Technology now Carnegie Mellon University in

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When I first contemplated the idea of living by myself, my reaction was a mixture of tantalizing excitement and paralysing fear. I allowed myself to fantasise about having a beautiful house all to myself, which I could decorate the way I wanted and in which I could behave any way I liked.

I could invite all my friends over for parties and gatherings or spend the evenings curled up with a book. But those fantasies were clouded with doubts. I was going to have to endure long periods with nobody to talk to but my cats. I had visions of myself morphing into a crazy cat lady, consumed by loneliness and overwhelmed by my own eccentricities. I was instantly drawn to the book because it was written by the actress who played Agent 99 in Get Smart one of my favourite programs as a child.

I borrowed a copy from the library and began to read. It deals with the kind of things I expected from a book on the topic, such as arranging your living space and exploring your personal interests.

It really comes across in the prose that Barbara Feldon truly does love living on her own. She has managed to break through some of the myths that sour our view of single life in order to discover how sweet living alone can be. I found this book to be immensely helpful.

It provided a great deal of comfort to me to know that a woman who is so accomplished and intelligent has been in a similar situation to me and has come to love her single life. I would definitely recommend this book to you, whether you live alone or not.

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Living Alone and Loving It

Feldon, best known for playing Agent 99 on the television series "Get Smart" which ran from to , is the author of a new book on savoring the single occupant lifestyle, "Living Alone and Loving It," set to arrive in bookstores in January Feldon stood before the gathering in a gauzy white dress and explained in her trademark husky voice that she had been married for eight years and spent 12 years in a live-in relationship, then found herself living alone and considerably panicked about it. She concocted a cover story for a magazine editor friend about writing an article on women who live alone happily as an excuse to quiz people who had pulled it off. Feldon insists that she wants to show how single life can be just as satisfying as coupled life, but in different ways. In her early 60s, Feldon is tall, willowy and still pretty much of a knockout, especially without the whopping false eyelashes of her "Get Smart" days. It is sublimely free of tchotchkes. Edith Wharton seems to be a particular favorite.


Barbara Feldon

Start your review of Living Alone and Loving It Write a review Apr 19, Margaret rated it really liked it Note: I read this book and wrote the review in before I met my husband. This book had some excellent ideas for savoring your time while living alone, to make it seem less lonely. There were so many good ideas in it, that I couldnt possible do the book justice by writing a few paragraphs about it here. Barbara found herself living alone after having a man in her life for many years. Rather than be depressed about her current situation, she made the best of her time to herself and accomplished Note: I read this book and wrote the review in before I met my husband. Rather than be depressed about her current situation, she made the best of her time to herself and accomplished so much.


Barbara Feldon: 'Get Smart's Agent 99, Then And Now



Living Alone and Loving It : A Guide to Relishing the Solo Life by Barbara Feldon (2003, Paperback)


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