How does he read minds, influence thoughts, make predictions and cause objects to move without touching them? Like a laser beam. Mentalism is part natural talent, part learned skill — and Lior is ready to share his secrets. A Beautiful Mind Lior discovered that his mind was special when he was six years old, and after years of reading, practicing and honing his talent he is now a world-class mentalist.

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Shelves: read-in I almost read this book in one sitting, it as so captivating. I saw a clip of him on the James Corden show and was so mind blown, I wanted to read more about him.

He still fascinates me on how he does his tricks. Having said that, Im glad I scanned through the book to see there was interesting material in it, because the first chapter came across as so narcissistic Im surprised an editor signed off on that.

Theres also a part in the chapter on intuition where he proposed the idea that since the I almost read this book in one sitting, it as so captivating. My rational brain immediately thought, did anyone fact check this? Things that make you go hmmmm. The main takeaway for us non master mind readers is to practice using both sides of our brain. I loved some of the mind games he had us practice as well as tips on reading others. I plan on using those for sure. I also liked how he explained how much positive energy he has to put into connecting with others.

There is an abundance of untapped mental power that we have yet to discover living within our capacity to utilize. Our unimaginable potential is breathtaking.

Mind Reader, by world-renowned mentalist, Lior Suchard, will reveal to you a new world of mental fitness and will help you learn to optimize your life with the amazing, beautiful, limitless possibilities made available to us by the Almighty God, our loving Heavenly Father. It is His desire The human mind is capable of extraordinary feats.

It is His desire for us to become like Him, to access abilities with no end, to become the masters of our own minds. Learning more about the power of our own minds is an exciting, exhilarating step towards that brilliant destiny.

I learned nothing from this book, except for the fact that I wasted my time reading it. I would not recommend this book to my enemies!


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Mind Reader: Unlocking the Secrets and Powers of a Mentalist


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