Fees Rs. The NCFM is a certification program for those individuals who wish to learn the fundamentals of the capital markets in order to make their career in the financial markets in India. The certified course is necessary according to the regulations of the industry if one is keen to be a part of the financial markets. The course provides a basic understanding of the concepts related to the different sections of the investment segment, the primary and the secondary markets, derivatives market, and the financial statement analysis. The course comprises of theory as well as practical application lessons with a wide range of perspectives.

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To pursue the module on commercial banking there are no major requirements. The only things that are required for a person to undertake the module of commercial banking consist of the following — The person planning to undertake this module must have interest in finance along with a passion for learning A personal computer along with an internet connection Target Audience for this training This training on commercial banking can be taken by any person, even a novice student having basic financial knowledge can pursue this course.

However, the following persons can be said to make up the target audience for this course — Students as well as the professors who have plans of appearing for the NCFM Module Any person who has interest in Commercial Banking and what to learn about the Indian system of Commercial Banking Students who belong to the various business schools FAQs — General Questions I am new to Commercial Banking? How can this module help me to become familiar with this subject?

The function of this module is to act as a preparatory course that will help to familiarise the students with the fundamental aspects of Banking and also gives insights into the practices as well as the policies that is followed by the system of Indian Banking.

The course needs to be understand as it gives an explanation of banking right from the beginning. The explanation that is provided is comprehensive.

It explains the candidates about the way banking had started, the various functions that are performed by banking and finally the way in which the modern banking works.

This will result in the creation of awareness related to the different policies as well as procedures of the Commercial Banking Industry of India and the way one get familiarise oneself with the Indian banking services.

What benefits will I be getting from this course? The Commercial Banking course prepares the persons who are planning to appear for the module of NCFM related to the Indian commercial banking. In the end the model questions as well as answers will also be discussed. Keeping this in mind, the preparation of the course is done in a way that interest is created in the topics that have to be learnt. Being totally online, the course can be learnt according to the convenience of the person and towards the end the person gets the confidence of appearing in the test.

What is the objective of this course and what are the basic concepts that I will be learning from this course? The basic concepts that you will be learning from this course will be related to the sector of commercial banking in India and the way in which it operates. It will also familiarise the candidates with the banking fundamentals and will also provide certain basic insights into the practices as well as the policies that are being followed in the banking system of India.

The business related to the banking rights will be explained right from the scratch. A comprehensive explanation will also be provided related to the way in which the various functions of banking had begun and also the way in which the modern banking is functioning.

The foundation that is required will be provided to you by this course so that you gain a high level of confidence when you are appearing for the certification tests of NCFM. Course Testimonials Nora Worchester A number of opportunities exist within the educba which provide help to you in not only continuing the hobbies as well as interests that you presently have but also start with something which may be totally new to you and at a time which is convenient to you.

I took the preparatory module on the commercial banking in India and found the introduction to the concepts of commercial banking extremely good. I was able to get an in depth understanding of the various aspects of commercial banking in India, the way it developed and also the various roles that are performed by it in the country. This was a great course for someone like me who only possessed basic financial knowledge but had a passion to learn more about the banking sector.

The questions as well as the answers at the end of the course were really very helpful in revision of the complete course. I really enjoyed the course and now I am all set to appear for the certification test to be conducted by NCFM. Andrew Mikkelsen Learning through an online mode proved to be an excellent journey.

The best part was the flexibility of learning anywhere and at anytime. There were absolutely no issues with the services that were extremely prompt as well as quick.

The best part was the training provided us with examples that were industry based which helped in gaining a better understanding of the topic. I pursued the preparatory module for the commercial banking course and was completely satisfied with the services that were offered. I had a fantastic experience by joining the online training course of educba. The videos as well as the study material that were provided as a part of the course were very much detailed and comprehensive and provided information related to the concept in an in depth manner.

Assistance can also be taken from the experts whenever there is a requirement for that. The preparatory course helped me in gaining perfect knowledge which I really needed. The explanation regarding the commercial banking and its origin, the different functions that are undertaken by the commercial banks as well as the procedures and policies of the commercial banking have been explained in an excellent way by this module.

I gained immense understanding of the commercial banking industry of India and the various guidelines that are needed to be followed by this sector. Overall the training and also the material that was provided were of excellent quality and provided great help to a technical person like me to prepare for the certification test of NCFM related to commercial banking. I will highly recommend this course to other people.

Career Benefits of this training Comprehensive and Detailed Knowledge The course provides a comprehensive as well as detailed knowledge for the people who want to appear for the NCFM module certification test related to the Indian commercial banking. The course is divided into several chapters and the interactive training is based on PowerPoint which is very detailed and provides an in depth knowledge of the various concepts of commercial banking.

Several questions and answers are given at the end in order to make revision for the tests simple. High Income Once the person is able to complete the training and pass the certification test of NCFM for commercial banking after that, the person has a high potential of earning a high income in the commercial banking sector of India. The person will have the option of working in any of the Indian commercial banks as he will be having thorough knowledge related to the various functions that are performed by the commercial banks in India along with the guidelines of the RBI that need to be followed for that purpose.

The understanding of the bank lendings as well as the investments, relationship between the banks and the customers and also the way the modern banking has been evolving in the recent years will be very useful in career advancement in the banking field.

This field has the maximum number of job opportunities as far as the financial sector is concerned. Where do our learners come from?








NCFM – Commercial Banking Module Course



NCFM Module


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