Josh is the perfect example of the lifelong learner I described earlier. The DVRT system he has developed is based on sound movement and mechanics and more importantly, it is grounded in sound progressions and regressions based on individuals. This is a one of a kind training system that actually focuses more on movement than the tool itself. They truly go hand-in-hand with each other like no other training I have ever experienced. Little did I know that my prayers were going to be answered for discovering that missing component to my care that I had been seeking for years.

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Plus, they train your grip each time you work out. It is made very well and I havent had any issues with quality. It will definitely outlast me! Very satisfied by my purchase. Of sand. I used some contractor bags with the supplied filler bags just to be safe, but the filler bags are quite hardy and would probably work just fine on their own.

The outer bag has an inner closure with a pull string tie, and then an outer closure with a heavy buckled closure I dont know what those are properly called. I filled each liner bag with pounds of sand, and find that they slide in and out of the bag nicely for changing the weight, and they fit securely while still being able to move. It feels quite nice on the hands, and rides on my shoulders without scuffing up my skin. Its just a joy to toss around and drag all over the place.

Very fun to use; quite a change of pace from barbells, and quite a workout too. I ordered both a small and a large and was surprised at how hard they were to lift the first time, and how hard my heart was pumping. You havent lifted anything until you have lifted a heavy sandbag.

These will give you incredible practical strength, and are very versatile, as you can train anything from cardio to 1RM deadlifts, overhead press etc. The outer bag is Cordura and should last years and many, many workouts, I would highly suggest them! Me and The guys I train beat the crap outa these bags but they are just as new as when I purchased them!

Great way to get stronger on all your lifts because of the fact that the sand moves on you while you try to clean the bag or carry it! Get some and get stronger on all you lifts nuff said.


Strongest & Most Trusted Sandbag Fitness Program

Tweet Welcome to the first article in a weekly five-part series on sandbag training and the how and why of adding it into your current training program. Sandbags, Seriously? It all started back in when I had neither the time nor the money to get to the gym, so I went about getting hold of as much weight as I could for as little money as possible. It just so happens this turned out to be sand.


5 Week Sandbag Workout Program: Week 1 - Get Started

Tweet While I am obviously a great believer of sandbag training as a stand alone or heavily emphasized form of training, I am also a realist in that others may want to use sandbag training as a means to improve training they are already doing. With that said there is great benefit to adding some sandbag training to your Olympic lifting, HIIT, or kettlebell workouts, or whatever you are focusing upon in your training. Of course it is more than just throwing a sandbag into your routine and expecting magic to happen. Just like any other form of strength training there has to be reason and purpose. That is why I selected three of what I have seen to be the biggest impact sandbag training drills from our Dynamic Variable Resistance Training program.

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