He has shaped the look of some of the most monumental films of the second half of the 20th century, including The Conformist , Apocalypse Now , Reds , and The Last Emperor Taking for granted that cinema represents a synthesis of all the arts, he continually aims to convey the musical and painterly possibilities of moving images, mixing and alternating between Baroque and Romantic expressions of human psychology and emotion in his quest for the sublime. Your lush and ethereal cinematography powerfully captures the glamour and artificiality of Golden Age Hollywood, while also paying homage to the exuberant films made during that time. What did your initial discussions with Allen revolve around?

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How do the colors in your film express the thematic content? In the documentary profile of Storaro, Writing With Light , we not only get an overview of his career, but we get glimpses into his working process and how that translates into his films. Often times, the most interesting aspect of these profiles is the insight they provide into how masters of their discipline relate to their craft, their thought process.

I was asking to myself how I can represent this journey into our unconscious. File Name: vittorio storaro writing with light pdf download. A PDF version of this article is also available to download—click here. I think it would be interesting, particularly for young cinematographers, to hear about my view on the different aspects of digital cinematography.

My fear is that some no longer feel the need to know about the technology, the past history of cinema or the visual arts. Perhaps they are even not interested in the future of cinematography. However, people have always expressed themselves through the visual arts. They painted on the walls of caves, on wood, on canvas, with photo-chemical emulsions, in color, in panoramas, in 3D, in both analog and digital formats. For information and orders contact Aurea www. It is a collection of writings and images,the fruit of around thirty years of experience, divided into THREE principle chapters, containing a single philosophy of life.

On each of these themes, the Author writes a chapter outlining studies and sayings of great philosophers, all of which are illustrated by paintings and various photo-graphic images by the Author, taken from the first 20 films for which Storaro was in charge of the Cinematography, from "Giovinezza Giovinezza" through "Apocalypse Now". On each of these themes, the author writes a chapter outlining the studies and sayings of important philosophers, all of which are illustrated by various paintings and filmic images inspired by each single theme.

They follow, with a Foto-graphic concept and various Photographic images by the author, the next ten films for which Storaro was in charge of the Cinemato-graphy, from "Agatha" through "The Last Emperor". There should be a sense of energy, or change of movement. A sense that time is going on — light becomes night, which reverts to morning. Life becomes death.


Painting with light

The restoration of his colour photography is the most dramatic revelation of Apocalypse Now Redux. A friend of mine gave me the book and I took it to show Francis. It had to have its own style. I put artificial colour, artificial light next to real colour, real light - to have the explosion of the napalm next to a green palm tree; to have the fire of an explosion next to a sunset in order to represent the conflict between culture and the irrational. I realised the film was not really a war movie. It was about civilisation. Every culture wants to see in itself only its good side.


Vittorio Storaro filmography



Writing with Light: Vittorio Storaro (1992)



Vittorio storaro writing with light pdf download


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