This is a limited edition facsimile of the manuscript sketchbook by Frank Lloyd Wright which served as the maquette or layout for the famous Wasmuth portfolio of entitled "Studies and Executed Buildings by Frank Lloyd Wright. Thirty-six of the plates are of floor plans, printed on tissue paper. These are attached to the other sixty-four, primarily perspectives and renderings on a thick wove paper. The plates in the portfolios were printed from lithographic stones to which the drawings had been transferred. The plates in the portfolio are formal drawings and were produced by Wright together with his associates in Florence, including his son Lloyd, by tracing or recreating extant presentation drawings to a uniform size 16 x Thirty-four of these have actual drawings.

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It is a challenge for curators to decide how to present his career for both people well-versed in his work as well as for people who may be exposed to his designs for the first time. The Milwaukee Art Museum celebrates his work with drawings and artifacts related to his legendary Wasmuth Portfolio of One of the highlights of the exhibition is a wood case for a rare original copy of the Wasmuth Portfolio.

This portfolio was donated to the museum by the Demmer Charitable Trust in Wright had hoped to promote his revolutionary designs and ideas with the portfolio.

At a crossroads of his career, he sold some of his valued Japanese prints to help fund the project. His reputation was tattered by his affair with Mamah Borthwick Cheney, a client, after they left their respective families in and traveled to Berlin. He looked forward to beginning anew in America after his return in But, some copies were destroyed in the fire at Taliesin; only about 30 copies survived.

Robert and Jeanne Maushammer, left and right, and Diane Kehl, among the first visitors to the exhibit, study the wood case and portfolio. The Maushammers came from Virginia to see the exhibit.

While most of the work displayed are drawings and floor plans from the Portfolio, the exhibit also includes a number of artifacts, some loaned by the SC Johnson Company of Racine which has them on longterm loan from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation. One of the leaded glass cabinet doors for the Heath House in Buffalo is displayed. Wall sconces and a hanging lamp from the Heath House are also on display. Other architects and designers worked with Wright before he left for Berlin.

The Wasmuth Portfolio was important to their careers, as well. George Mann Niedecken, a Milwaukee designer, worked closely with him on a number of the Prairie-style homes, designing murals, carpets, and furniture. The museum is home to the Niedecken archives, and some of his work is on exhibit. Niedecken designed this writing desk, daybed, and lamp for the Edward P. Irving home in Decatur, Illinois. The design was in the concept stage when Wright left for Europe. The exhibit runs through October An exhibition catalogue is on sale in the Wright gift shop at the north end of the exhibition.

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This entry is filed under frank and tagged framed , frank , lithograph , lloyd , photos , portfolio , rare , wasmuth , wright. This is a perspective. And two floor plans on light tan tissue. It was printed in See photos for any small flaws. It is framed in a solid Wenge wood an African exotic and double matted using acid free matting and backing. I removed the Litho from the frame to photograph, but have since remounted it.


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The Wasmuth Portfolio



Line and Form: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Wasmuth Portfolio


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