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Sarah Mlynowski was born in Montreal, Canada. After graduation, she worked in the marketing department of various publishing companies in Toronto before moving to New York City where she still lives to become a full-time writer. If she succeeds, she promises to cast spells for world peace, 12 months of sunshine a year, and more Star Wars movies. For more information about Sarah Mlynowski, visit www. This story has been brewing inside me since before I even knew how to write.

I would tell stories and my mom would transcribe them. They were all about princesses named Sarah. In the third grade, my mom even typed one of them up and sent it to Bantam Books.

But anyway. My sister is very much the inspiration for this book. Can she zap me up car? New clothes? Can she put a love potion on a movie star for me? But I wish there had been magic in my house. I wanted it badly enough. My favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz, and I was obsessed with it.

I once got grounded for coloring in my brand-spanking-new white Keds with a red marker. My second favorite movie was Star Wars. I spent hours trying to get the Force to open and close my curtains. But Aviva does have another type of superpower. But before I can share it with you, I have to give you some background, and gulp divulge my most embarrassing story. Picture it: summer Camp, July I agreed to be in the camp play, Fiddler on the Roof.

I was an extra and had one line. One single line. Seven words. I practiced with my friends, my counselors, by myself in the shower. And then came the big night. Two acts until my line. One act until my line. One scene until my line. My line. My line? Suddenly everything was is slooowww motion. And my mind? Completely wiped clean. Nothing came out of my mouth. I prayed I would wake up and be in my bed. Or at school. Or getting a root canal. Anywhere else. Finally, after two minutes of painful silence, sweet old Tevya continued with the scene.

And I will never be in plays again. But back to my sister. The next summer, she was in the junior section, the youngest group of kids in camp. I was a senior, the oldest. I was horrified.

You can barely remember to brush your teeth. Anyway, you can see why I was so concerned. And then came Play Night. The curtain opened with the spotlight on my little sister. And she opened her mouth and my stomach free-fell. And then, just as I was about to cause a diversion by jumping up and screaming Fire! Shocked, I wondered how a voice so big yet so pretty could come from such a little person.

And how did she remember all the lines? I had never been more proud. My sister had a superpower. But somehow we were.


Bras & broomsticks

Create New Bras and Broomsticks is a teenage novel by Sarah Mlynowski, revolving around the life of Rachel Weinstein and her younger sister Miri who is a witch. The fourth book, Parties and Potions, is about Rachel discovering the secret world of witches. Advertisement: A-Cup Angst : Rachel, full speed. Liana in Spells and Sleeping Bags. Blithe Spirit : Wendaline in Parties and Potions. While Rachel is desperately trying to keep her magic a secret, Wendaline wishes to be open about hers. Compelling Voice : Carol very briefly uses this to get Liana to tell her where her mother Sasha is so they can sort out their issues.


Bras and Broomsticks (Magic in Manhattan Series #1)



Bras & Broomsticks


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