Professionally, he serves on journal editorial boards and conference program committees and is also active in technical consulting. He has research interests in computer arithmetic, parallel processing, and dependable computing. In his previous position with Sharif formerly Arya-Mehr University of Technology in Tehran, Iran , he was also involved in educational planning, curriculum development, standardization efforts, technology transfer, and various editorial responsibilities, including a five-year term as Editor of Computer Report, a Persian-language computing periodical. Among his publications are three textbooks on parallel processing Plenum, , computer arithmetic Oxford, ; 2nd ed. Parallel and Distributed Systems , and International J. Parallel, Emergent and Distributed Systems

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The Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering Description PART I: sets the stage, provides context, reviews some of the prerequisite topics and gives a taste of what is to come in the rest of the book. Included are two refresher-type chapters on digital circuits and components, a discussion of types of computer systems, an overview of digital computer technology, and a detailed perspective on computer system 3erformance.

For better understanding, the instruction set of MiniMIPS a simplified, yet very realistic, machine for which open reference material and simulation tools exist is described. Included is a chapter on variations in ISA e. The next two parts cover the central processing unit CPU. Implementation aspects and pitfalls of floating-point arthimetic are also discussed. Beginning with instruction execution steps, the needed components and control mechanisms are derived.

These are followed by an exposition of control design strategies, use of a pipelined data path for performance enhancement, and various limitations of pipelining due to data and control dependencies.

PART V: concerned with the memory system. The technologies in use for primary and secondary memories are described, along with their strengths and limitations. It is shown how the use of cache memories effectively bridges the speed gap between CPU and main memory.

Similarly, the use of virtual memory to provide the illusion of a vast main memory is explained. Elements of processes and context switching, for exception handling or multireaded computation, are also covered. An overview of performance enhancement strategies, beyond simple pipelining, is presented and examples of applications requiring higher performance are cited. These are followed by design strategies and example architectures based on vector or array proccessing, multiprocessing, and multicomputing.


Computer Architecture

As a prominent example of the class of reduced instruction-set architectures RISC , MIPS has been found quite suitable for use in various educational settings. These simplifications form proper subsets of the well-documented MIPS instruction set and have not been otherwise modified. James R. It is more hardware-oriented than "computer systems," an area typically covered in courses by the same name in computer science or engineering, and more concerned with software than the fields known as "computer design" and "computer organization. This explains, in part, why there are so many different textbooks on computer architecture and why yet another textbook on the subject might serve a useful purpose. Computer architecture encompasses a set of core ideas that are applicable to the design or understanding of virtually any computer, from the tiniest embedded microprocessors that control our appliances, cameras, and numerous other devices through personal, server, and mainframe machines to the most powerful supercomputers found only in and affordable only by large data centers or major scientific laboratories.

ISO 15071 PDF

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