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It is educational as far as learning the different thought pocesses of boys and girls--yes, they are different but you knew that! It gave me a so many good ideas of how to deal with my three year old twins. Somedays I want to pull my hair out and I wonder how I can ever assist in shaping them to be Men of God beacuse I feel am constantly loosing my patience. This book helped me by giving me more positive options.

The authors have also written a book geared to the teen This book was great! The authors have also written a book geared to the teen years and I look forward to reading it. Unell and figured I would see what they suggest. What I wanted is a common sense solution, and the know how to execute any discipline in a real time, real life situation. Lets face it, children can and will act up in a store, on a bus, on the sidewalk, just about anywhere and everywhere so techniques where you have to run home and sit them in their time out chair in the corner with the egg timer is just not practical.

Somewhere out there, there has to be something that works and can be used and I found this book to be one of the best. This to me is a very strong statement and one all parents need to understand. As well as parents must model the behavior they want their child to understand. After all, if a child sees you screaming and hitting every time you get mad, they will imitate you and do the same.

A very undesirable outcome. However if you have empathy and explain that you are sorry that little Joy choose to hit. Explain how it hurts when someone hits and that there were better ways to handle the situation such as sharing the toy, then it would have been a better solution. Even praise Joy for sharing the toy. Which is one of the examples in the book. The book does cover quite a few circumstances Preschoolers do and explains the best was to handle it.

Naturally depending on the behavior, depends on how to handle it. But I was glad to see it was something that can be used at home or even if your out at a picnic. It even covers the problem we are going through right now which is my grandson getting out of his bed in the middle of the night and prolonging bedtime as well.

It is easy to understand and written without a bunch of scientific terms. Will the book help everyone?




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