Government Boys Hr sec School. Narasimhan , C. Krishnaswamy, and C. In , he defended Indian independence activist P. Varadarajulu Naidu against charges of sedition [16] and two years later participated in the agitations against the Rowlatt Act. After Mahatma Gandhi joined the Indian independence movement in , Rajagopalachari became one of his followers.

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In those days matches were unknown and fire was kindled with pieces of wood by mechanical friction. The deer is running away with my fire-kindler. How can I perform the fire sacrifice? The Pandavas pursued the animal but it was a magic deer, which sped in great leaps and bounds, decoying the Pandavas far into the forest and then disappeared. Worn out by the futile chase, the Pandavas sat in great dejection under a banyan tree.

Nakula sighed: "We cannot render even this trifling service to the brahmana. How we have degenerated! Bhima said: "Quite so. When Draupadi was dragged into the assembly, we should have killed those wretches. Is it not because we did not do so that we have had to suffer all these sorrows?

Arjuna agreed. So we have deservedly fallen into this pitiable state. He thought they would be more cheerful with something to do. He was tormented with thirst and so he said to Nakula: "Brother, climb that tree and see whether there is any pool or river nearby. There must certainly be water there. Nakula was glad when he got to the place and saw there was a pool. He was very thirsty himself and so thought of quenching his thirst first before taking water in his quiver for his brother.

But no sooner did he dip his hand in the transparent water than he heard a voice, which said: "Do not be rash. This pool belongs to me. O son of Madri, answer my questions and then drink the water. At once, overcome by irresistible drowsiness, he fell down, to all appearance dead.

Surprised that Nakula had not returned, Yudhishthira sent Sahadeva to see what the matter was. When Sahadeva reached the pool and saw his brother lying on the ground, he wondered whether any harm had come to him. But before looking into the matter further, rushed irresistibly to the water to quench his burning thirst. The voice was heard again: "O Sahadeva, this is my pool. Answer my questions and then only may you quench your thirst.

He drank the water and at once dropped down. Puzzled and worried that Sahadeva also did not return, Yudhishthira sent Arjuna to see whether the brothers had met with any danger. Arjuna went swiftly. He saw both his brothers lying dead near the pool. He was shocked at the sight and felt that they must have been killed by some lurking foe. Though heart-broken with grief and burning with the desire for revenge, he felt all feelings submerged in a monstrous thirst, which irresistibly impelled him to the fatal pool.

Again, a voice was heard: "Answer my question before you drink the water. This pool is mine. If you disobey me, you will follow your brothers. He cried: "Who are you? Come and stand up to me, and I will kill you," and he shot keenedged arrows in the direction of the voice.

The invisible being laughed in scorn: "Your arrows do but wound the air. Answer my questions and then you can satisfy your thirst. If you drink the water without doing so, you will die. But first he had to quench his terrible thirst. Yes, thirst was the enemy he must kill first. So he drank the water and also fell down dead. After anxious waiting Yudhishthira turned to Bhima: "Dear brother, Arjuna, the great hero, has also not yet returned.

Something terrible must have happened to our brothers, for our stars are bad. Please seek them out and be quick about it. Also bring water, for I die of thirst. His grief and rage can be imagined when he saw his three brothers lying there dead. He thought: "This is certainly the work of the Yakshas. I will hunt them down and kill them. But O! I am so thirsty, I shall first drink water the better to fight them. The voice shouted: "Bhimasena, beware. You may drink only after answering my questions.

You will die if you disregard my words. And as he did so, his great strength seemed to slip from him like a garment. And he also fell dead among his brothers. Alone, Yudhishthira wailed full of anxiety and thirst. Yudhishthira proceeded in the direction his brothers had taken through tracts infested with wild boar and abounding in spotted dear and huge forest birds. Presently he came upon a beautiful green meadow, girdling a pool of pellucid water, nectar to his eyes.

But when he saw his brothers lying there like sacred flagpoles thrown pell-mell after a festival, unable to restrain his grief, he lifted his voice and wept. He stroked the faces of Bhima and Arjuna as they lay so still and silent there and mourned: "Was this to be the end of all our vows? Just when our exile is about to end, you have been snatched away. Even the gods have forsaken me in my misfortune!

Brokenly, he reflected: "Surely my heart must be made of steel not to break even after seeing Nakula and Sahadeva dead. For what purpose should I continue to live in this world? The world held no warriors who could overcome his brothers. Besides, there were no wounds on their bodies which could have let out life and their faces were faces of men who slept in peace and not of those who died in wrath. There was also no trace of the footprints of an enemy.

There was surely some magic about it. Or, could it be a trick played by Duryodhana? Might he not have poisoned the water? Then Yudhishthira also descended into the pool, in his turn drawn to the water by a consuming thirst.

At once the voice without form warned as before: "Your brothers died because they did not heed my words. Do not follow them. Answer my questions first and then quench your thirst. He saw a possible way of redeeming the situation. He said to the bodiless voice: "Please ask your questions. The Yaksha asked: "What makes sun shine every day? It is by association with the great in wisdom that he gets wisdom. That alone accompanies the soul in its solitary journey after death. Is it birth, good conduct or learning?

Answer decisively. Good conduct alone does. However learned a person may be he will not be a brahmana if he is a slave to bad habits. Even though he may be learned in the four Vedas, a man of bad conduct falls to a lower class. This verily is the greatest wonder. In the end the Yaksha asked: "O king, one of your dead brothers can now be revived. Whom do you want revived?

He shall come back to life. I have heard that Bhima is most dear to you. And why not Arjuna, whose prowess in arms is your protection? Tell me why you chose Nakula rather than either of these two. If dharma is set at naught, man will be ruined. Kunti and Madri were the two wives of my father. I am surviving, a son of Kunti, and so, she is not completely bereaved. It was Yama, the Lord of Death, who had taken the form of the deer and the Yaksha so that he might see his son Yudhishthira and test him.

He embraced Yudhishthira and blessed him. Yama said: "Only a few days remain to complete the stipulated period of your exile in the forest.


The Bhagavad Gita By C Rajagopalachari

It was my first semester back to school after taking time off to have my son. My husband was working nights while going to school full time. I was trying to juggle a 21 hour semester at school while simultaneously only having my toddler in daycare for half days. Needless to say, I had little enough time for school work, and even less for reading for pleasure. It was assigned reading for our Honors Humanities Project - basically a four semester course that combined World Literature, World History, Composition, Religions and a bunch of other things I am sure I have now forgotten. So, late one night as my son lie sleeping on a mattress in one corner of the room, I curled up with a lamp and Mahabharata in another - ready to get my assigned reading done for the week. As I began reading, though, something magical happened.


C. Rajagopalachari

Gardall He therefore returned to his capital, Hastinapura, sick with baffled desire. Certified BuyerJorhat. All eyes turned in that direction. And after some vain attempts to make Vichitravirya change his mind, he told her there was no way left to her but to go again to Salva and mahabharat to persuade him. Sukracharya had a lovelydaughter, Devayani, of whom he was extremely fond. There was a great fight between Abhimanyu and Alambasa.


Mahabharata Quotes


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